Midlands Metal Crusade V

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 28th November 2015.

The time is fast approaching for The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton to once again play host to Hils Ovations Midlands Metal Crusade and looking at the line up, this is definitely an event to get very excited about!

November 28th will see the arrival of the fifth Crusade and bringing along with it, the opportunity to catch nine very excellent bands, all under one roof and including Towards The Grave, Slaughter Horse, Our World Below?, Burden Of The Noose, Gehtika, Eradikator, Fire Red Empress, The Heretic Order and the mighty Raging Speedhorn!

Midlands Metal Crusade 28th November 2015

Looking back at the previous four Crusades and the great feedback given by many of those who have attended, including the bands themselves, there is absolutely no denying that this is an event that has gone from strength to strength and with that in mind, I was curious to find out from Hils, how it all began :

“It all stemmed from a bit of a standing joke with people saying ‘Oh, she’s off on her crusade again!’ after listening to me constantly banging on about bands not getting the recognition they deserved. Time and time again I’d stand in the wings of the Slade Rooms watching musicians whose talent just blew me away and yet hardly anyone outside Birmingham or the Black Country knew anything about them. Yes, everyone knows this is the rightful home of heavy metal but to most people, that stops at Black Sabbath, Judas Priest etc, not what’s being produced today and that’s just criminal. And so, a crazy idea was born with the first Midlands Metal Crusade taking place back in November 2013 and now we’re about to do our fifth. The response has been incredible. Both bands and fans have been so supportive and have really helped make the Midlands metal scene great again and I couldn’t be more proud!

So let’s have a look in more detail at the line up and in no particular order, the first band in my spotlight are Toward The Grave who hail from the Birmingham area. This band relentlessly deliver a hybrid sound from many of the metal genres so we can expect from them a ravenous brew of all things heavy and thrashed, with a helping of groove metal for good measure – and bring it on I say!

Also part of today’s line up are the impressive Slaughter Horse who have had one hell of a year so far, which has included reaching the West Midlands Metal 2 The Masses final and also the release of their debut single ‘Plague Carriers‘. Seeing and hearing is believing with this band and I’m 110% sure that their performance at this Crusade will be another one to remember!

Jim Chilton - Slaughter Horse

Our World Below? are no strangers to the Midlands Metal Crusades, having shared the bill at previous Crusades with bands such as Seven Deadly, Breed 77 and The Heretic Order and never failing to deliver a blinding set on each and every occasion. I’m very much looking forward to seeing their new line up at this Crusade as something tells me they’re going to be a brutal force to be reckoned with!

And talking of new line up’s – October saw the last minute addition of Fire Red Empress to this event and that has made for quite a talking point, as this will be the debut live performance of new vocalist, Jennifer Diehl. With the band having already shared a brief video of their new line up in the studio, Fire Red Empress’s set is looking and sounding like it is going to be an absolute must see!

Burden Of The Noose will be stopping off at the Crusade as part of their four date tour across the country and as if that wasn’t good news enough, they’ve recently spent some time in the studio to record a few new tunes aswell. Expected to be wowed by this band!

Scott Cooper - Burden Of The Noose

If like me, you enjoy your metal served up with a hearty dose of the theatricals, then Gehtika really are a must see band for you. This year has seen the band release a new album titled ’A Monster In Mourning’, which brought them in some first rate and well earned reviews and a spectacular launch night aswell.

Anthony Knight - Gehtika

Birmingham based Eradikator are set to make their first Crusade appearance today and a timely one it will be too, with their new album ‘Edge Of Humanity’ still cooling from it’s much anticipated release date of 6th November. This band personify thrash at it’s heaviest and are guaranteed to deliver one of the much prized sets of the day.

Crusade III saw The Heretic Order make their first visit to Wolverhampton and cast one hell of a deeply evil chill across The Slade Rooms. Expect to hear metal that will scorch your bones and to see a visual presence akin to the nine circles of hell and you won’t be far off the mark !

Lord Ragnar Wagner - The Heretic Order

Headlining today’s event are a band whose intense raging tenacity, perfectly matches their name – Raging Speedhorn. Having the opportunity to see a band such as this, up close and personal as compared to being part of a festival size crowd, the likes of which they played to at Bloodstock earlier this year, is definitely a treat and one that is truly too good to miss.

from Wolves Civic box office (subject to a booking fee) for the sum of £8 each – so what are you waiting for!!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.