Michael Schenker

Micheal Schenker's Temple Of Rock - On A Mission.

On a Mission DVD (Live in Madrid) Release date 6th May 2016.

OK, so this is a first – a review for a music DVD, from non other than Mr. Michael Schenker who we’ve had the pleasure of seeing perform live, twice now and he is a guitar god, there’s no disputing it.

Back on the 15th of November 2015 Schenker and co. thought it apt to perform in front of a wild Spanish crowd in Madrid at the Joy Eslava Theatre, to be precise! The theatre was chosen for its unique relationship between the artists on stage and the crowd in attendance, which is probably true for the people who attended, but does that translate as well on this DVD?

On opening the packet, I can see the presentation for this DVD is very good. Within the sleeve, we have a presentation booklet, which holds a short description of the night that this DVD was recorded, both in English and in Schenker’s native German, which I think is a nice touch to be honest! We have a two page spread of various images of the band, shot by various photographers in the business. Then we have the twenty two track listing, which you can skip to a specific song on the DVD, via it’s chapter function and finally, we have a credits page.

As I put the DVD into my player, I noticed there was no sound so I flicked through the various menu’s, with each page having the same issue. Dubiously, I thought I’d start the full concert to see if that had any issues and sadly it did as it appears that the sound codex this particular DVD uses isn’t installed on my ‘less than 12months old” DVD player! Thankfully, as this DVD version that I’d been given to review was a standard DVD, I could play it on my computer which is linked to my stereo, so I knew I would get good sound should it work and thankfully it did.

It’s also worth noting that this DVD was recorded in 4K quality, which is great, but you need a 4K TV to appreciate the full extent of the recording quality, a compatible DVD player that allows you to play the DVD, which you can hear and don’t buy the standard DVD – this doesn’t allow 4K playback as only a Blue Ray DVD can give you the full 4K experience. I tried to see if there’s a blue ray option of this release available but gave up after 5mins as both Schenker’s website and Facebook page states the DVD is available worldwide, but neither have a link option to purchase this ‘On A Mission” title?

As for the shows recording, I found the constant flicking between angles a little irritating and focusing in on subjects questionable at times. The sound however, which is the most important part in my book, is excellent! That was until I encountered a problem with tracks 11 and 12 which didn’t play due to the DVD being damaged.

As for the show itself, the first ten tracks that I saw were exceptional with Schenker stealing the show, which is only to be expected! Hit after hit rolls effortlessly into one another and for true fans of Schenker, this is a must and does give fans the opportunity to experience a live ‘Temple of Rock” show, in all it’s glory and I’m sure it will get the viewer chanting Ole, Ole, Ole, along with the crowd that was in attendance in Madrid, last winter.

I’m sure, if you purchase this DVD, you’ll not encounter the same issues I have, that’s if you can find somewhere to buy it! As a reviewer though, I was very disappointed with the copy of the DVD that I received and on this occasion, sadly I can’t give a better opinion, due to the poor quality!

Track Listing:

1. Ocean Odyssey – Intro 2. Doctor Doctor 3. Live and Let Live 4. Lights Out 5. Where the Wind Blows 6. Natural Thing 7. Before The Devil Knows Your Dead 8. Victim of Illusion 9. Lovedrive 10. Coast To Coast 11. Vigilante Man 12. Rock My Nights Away 13. Saviour Machine 14. Too Hot To Handle 15. Only You Can Rock Me 16. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely 17. Rock You Like A Hurricane 18. Rock Bottom 19. Horizons 20. Attack Of The Mad Axeman 21. Communion 22. Blackout

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)