Metal Gods Festival Day 2

26th May 2013 at The Intake Club Mansfield

Day 2 kicked off in spectacular fashion, with Gypsy Heart, another young three-piece band from Lincolnshire. These guys had so much energy, I struggled to capture any pictures of the Bass player, Anthony Trueman. The one shot I did get is a complete blur, being young meant their energy didn’t deteriorate either, so I had no chance. definitely check these guys out, if you can.

3 Second Fuse are 4 friendly giants from Matlock, who’s heavy southern/rock sound sound came at you with a fairly subdued attitude and worked well with the bands that played before them. The bass player however couldn’t stand still for 5 seconds, which isn’t fun to try and photograph. These guys sounded really good, check them out.

Jordan Arkell - 3 Second Fuse

The next band that really caught my attention was, Defy All Reason, who were awesome! I also managed to interview these guys, so be sure to check that out too. This 4 piece band from Wrexham are starting to get quite a bit of media attention, after todays performance, I can see why! These guys are not so much thrash, but another heavy/southern rock sound thats becoming increasingly popular, with their own original spin on it.

Gavin Lee Jones - Defy All Reason

Arceye were very good today, as were Disarm Goliath, who, in my opinion are Iron Maiden’s clone. Front man Steve Bell’s vocals were also very impressive, the man can hold a scream, thats for sure!

Steve Bell - Disarm Goliath

Next up, Black Acid Souls, another band I saw first at Hammerfest V, today however I managed to interview the guys. This interview, although late so sorry for that, was one of my more sensible interviews, until lead/rhythm guitarist Tweak farted hahaha. Todays set was everything and more from that first show. It was so good, I lost all bodily function and started head banging along with the others. A very touching moment was when the guys all sat down part way through a song they dedicated to the Woolwich solider, who was brutally murdered in the street the week before.

Black Acid Souls

The set was nothing less than extraordinary, with their antics and face pulling at full strength and I honestly can’t recommend this band enough. These guys are well worth of a head line slot at any festival but with it being Savage Messiah who had the honour today of bringing this festival to a close, Black Acid Souls certainly got us all in the mood for more.

Gruff - Black Acid Souls

From London, Savage Messiah have been working their socks off in the underground scene for years, only now, it seems their popularity is reaching the level these guys quite rightly deserve. I put this down to the band finally getting 4 like minded individuals who are committed to the cause, that being Savage Messiah. Make sure you check out the interview, both Callum Wood and myself did with these guys as it was a lot of fun and insightful, with some funny moments too. With the aroma of burgers present, it reminded us all of our first interview, conducted in Burger King, this is a tradition i’d like to continue, as its quite funny.

Joff Bailey - Savage Messiah

If Black Acid Souls hadn’t destroyed the neck muscles, then Savage Messiah surely finished me off. I have to say, the whole band are awesome musicians, but the 2 lead guitarists Joff and Dave, with their 2 pronged assault, their weapons of choice being Schecter Guitars is a joy to watch. Each takes it in turns to switch between rhythm and lead to give us a master class in shredding, they truly are great guitarists! Savage Messiah have just announced new tour dates with my good friends (I hope) RSJ in October, but if your not going to Download this year, they are playing the Garage in London on the 14th of June.

Andrea Gorio - Savage Messiah

My conclusion of Metal Gods Festival would be thus. The quality of line up these guys put on the bill every year is awesome, this is the true warm up show for Download, with Metal Gods tickets being 90% less than that for a Download ticket. Every band I saw over the 2 days are worthy of gracing any stage and Download, sorry for not mentioning everyone. You’d be a fool to miss Metal Gods Festival in 2014!

Words and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)