Metal Gods Festival Day 1

25th May 2013 at The Intake Club Mansfield.

Metal Gods Festival is run by none other than Mick “The Beard” Stanley, who hosts, reviews and interviews for the media group Metal Gods TV – .With Mick’s knowledge and personal taste in music, especially in the metal and trash genres, the bands picked for this festival were incredible. I was very excited when music224 got the go ahead to review this festival, as many of the bands on the bill are headline acts, in my opinion. Acts that caught my attention were, Beholder, Bull-Riff Stampede, Savage Messiah, Lifer, Line of Fire, Black Acid Souls, Incinery, I.C.O.N and Primiti. With over 30 bands playing, in total, spread across 2 stages in 2 days, I was looking forward to discovering some new bands too!

Simon Hall - Beholder

Metal Gods Festival is now in its 3rd year and is held at the Intake Club, Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. As a venue, it has quite a legendary status for putting on shows and is known by most in the metal community. The venue is well equipped, with 2 great bar/stage areas. Stage 2 was in the smaller, front of house area, which is more your traditional pub environment. It even has comfortable sofa’s, which is unheard of at a festival these days! The Main Stage was at the back of the club, with a nice big stage for the bands to run around on and a large area for fans to mosh in, there’s even space for stalls around the edge of the club where bands can sell their mis-spelt merch (One band in particular!!) Hahaha, they take it well ;)

The press and back stage areas are shared, which is nice, as we got to speak to the bands before or after their respective sets, it was great to see the musicians warming up, or calming down after their they had played!

As with previous years, Metal Gods Festival is held during the second bank holiday weekend in May, which proves to be great weather wise, as the previous 2 years have shown. With this track record, or good luck, it’s seems almost a shame the gigs get held indoors. One special mention should go out to the couple who ran burger van, some tasty burgers, all made to their own recipe by their butcher – those ½ pounders kept most of us alive over the 2 day period, so thank you.

As is the case with these larger festivals, there are far too many bands to mention them all, unfortunately. I will, however give you my highs and lows and mention acts that impressed me.

Stage 2 kicked off proceedings, with Stan Smith, this bunch of nutters made the long trip from Jersey and provided, not only a commendable set, but some of the biggest laughs of the festival. One such incident involved the drummer baring a full frontal when posing for pictures, without any one noticing, which made for some censoring on my part, but had everyone in stitches!

Lloyd Downie - Stan Smith

The first act that caught my attention was Wrecklass Necklass, a 3 piece band from Grantham. These were a recommended to me by Kevin Pasco from the Rock Train. Their energy on stage helped to get us all grooving, but their music was what really counted. If i was to compare them to anyone, i’d say The Clash. I could here elements of Punk, Rock even Reggae at one point, brilliant. For saying these guys are relatively young, they have been around since 2010 and in that time they have released 5 EP’s, all well worth a listen.

Josh Horsfall - Wrecklass Necklass

Throughout the day, I managed to get interviews with Kamikaze Hotshot, Lifer, Line of Fire and Incinery, be sure to check them out to hear what we talked about.

Line of Fire gave another great set today, but the Welsh metal heads, Lifer, on the main stage really got my party started. The pure energy, power and passion, I encountered first at Hammerfest V was also present today. I’d even go as far as to say they were better at Metal Gods Festival. Front man Scriv is a real hoot on stage, its refreshing to see a band that doesn’t take life too seriously, love doing what they do and are bloody good at doing it too! I’d love to see these guys playing the likes of Bloodstock, I think they would do really well, fingers crossed guys!

Dave Lamont - Line Of Fire

Next up, 2 bands that have Gelled well and that’s Bull-Riff Stampede and Beholder, who have been on their Coalition Tour. Today’s set was the penultimate show on this tour, with their final show being played in Stoke on Sunday. At the end of tours bands can look tired, but not these guys.

Dave Garnett - Bull-Riff Stampede

Both bands looked fit, full of energy and played their socks off. They have clearly relished this tour and as a result, both bands have become really tight in playing their material. With Bull-Riff Stampede going off on tour in Europe and Beholder playing Bloodstock again this year and going on another tour later in the year, I hope those crowds are ready for them, because its going to be brutal!

Martyn Blackwell - Beholder

Words and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)