Album Review – ‘Full Throttle’.


Before I begin, lets get one thing straight, I don’t usually do album reviews, because I don’t feel I have enough technical knowledge about how albums are produced and don’t want to under-value an artists work and for that reason, I will be approaching this review from a music fans perspective. are proud to review a new hard rock album, from a band called Massive, its title “Full Throttle” lets hope it lives up to it’s name! First though, who are Massive, as they are a new band to us too, but they seem to be making waves in the music industry of late!

Massive are from Melbourne Australia and apparently, after reading their blurb, they formed back in 2012, by joining body parts together, to create what we have before us today, an 8 legged music machine that’s ready to rock hard and get the party started, even if that means they have to drive across a dessert to do it! The quartet (yes that makes up 8 legs) consists of Brad Marr – vocals, Ben Laguda – Backing vocals & lead guitar, Aidan Mcgarrigle – Backing vocals & Bass and Jarrod Medwin – Backing vocals & Drums.

Before me I hold a promo CD, the front cover is black and white and has a picture of a 1933 Ford Coupe, similar to that on ZZ Top’s legendary album “Eliminator”. The original number plate has been masked out and now spells out the album’s title “Full Throttle”. Over the top of the car, in large, capital letters, we have the band’s name “MASSIVE” which is in bright pink and black letters, which helps to make the cover stand out! There is a cautionary note at the bottom, with reads “Extremely flammable, high-octane rock n roll” which helps to get the curiosity going.

On the reverse of the cover, we are greeted by 4 cool dudes (the band) wearing aviator sun glasses and clothes, of course! Lead singer, Brad is giving us the obligatory rock/metal salute made famous by Ronnie James Dio during his time as lead vocalist for Black Sabbath.

The album has been released here in the UK by the legendary, Nottingham based, independent record label “Earache Records” and hit the ground running on the 21st of May 2014. The album is available in digital format via Itunes, CD format via Amazon and for all us vinyl junkies, you have the option of getting your mitts on 1 of 4 coloured, double gatefold albums, ghost white (only 100 copies) hot rod red/yellow (only 200 copies), MASSIVE pink (only 300 copies) and boring black (only 400 copies) lovely! These albums will be collectors items one day, trust me, grab one while you can.

Now I think its time we put our pedal to the metal and talked about the musical content on this album! There are a total of 11 tracks, which gives you a total playing time of 47 minuets. On my first couple of plays, i’ve come to the conclusion that Massive are an amalgamation of the following, Aerosmith, Buckcherry, Velvet Revolver and the band “The Treatment”, which leads me on nicely to the fact that “Massive” have just announced they will be supporting “The Treatment” along with Buffalo Summer in October for a leg of UK shows, you don’t wanna miss that one! Check their website.

Track 1 – Burn the Sun (4:34)
Right from the start of the CD, this track helps to set the tone of the album, a fast paced rock and roll ballad thats oozing with cool and guitar riffs are a plenty.

Track 2 – Hollywood (3:09)
This is a cheeky track, lyrically, about life in Hollywood. Its short and sweet, which i’m assuming is how it should be if you every get the chance to visit LA, California.

Track 3 – Bring Down the City (4:03)
Heavy guitar grooves and drum beats kicks this one off nicely, it also features a rather catchy chorus, which helps to demonstrate Brad’s vocal abilities. Mid way through this track we get an awesome guitar solo, which i’m sure will feature in a live show. I like this track, very catchy.
Track 4 – One by One (3.56)
This is the official single off of this album and it’s easy to see why. If you’re going to make a statement with your music, in this ever increasing market place, you’re going to want to put out a track that packs a mighty punch and i’m pleased to say this rock anthem doesn’t disappoint. Like the chorus say’s “do it again” so I did, several times, play the track that is! This track is for all the air drummers and guitarists out there, I include myself here!

Track 5 – Big Trend Setter (3:53)
This tracks is probably a jib at all the hipsters in the world (I hope i’m not seen as a hipster for writing this review??) the track is at a slower pace than the previous tracks, but still has that great guitar groove, which leads to an ear bleeding solo, all be it a short one!

Track 6 – Lacey (4:04)
COW BELLS….I love cow bells, groovy! Same format here, catchy lyrics, grooving guitar sound, which builds to a solo mid way through the track, settles down again, only to build towards a larger guitar solo to finish.

Track 7. Dancefloor (3.18)
As you’d expect from any modern dance floor, the bass is thumpin at the start of this track and remains throughout. I reckon this track is a real crowd pleaser at a live show and certainly has that infectious rabble-rousing chorus they talk about!

Track 8 – Ghost (6.01)
Being one of the longest tracks on the album, this track speaks of soul searching and finding your way in the world. Its probably the closest you’ll get to a love ballad from these Aussie hell raisers! This is a really nice track to listen too and helps to stir up emotions. Vocals also feature a little of Steve Tyler on this one!

Track 9 – Now or Never (3:58)
Like the title, for this band “It’s now or never” they’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Given the quality of the music on this album, I think they’re going to be a big hit, question is, who’s gonna have the balls to give this great music air play?

Track 10 – Best of Both Worlds (6.14)
The longest track on this album, yet it’s delivery continues in the same vain as the rest of the album, a fast pace rock anthem! I’m sure this track will get the crowd pumping their fists in the air, at a live show. I can see it now, fans will be singing along at the top of their voices, I hope to be there, in the crowd in October, hint hint!

Track 11 – Full Throttle (3.52)
Also the title of this album, the riff that starts this track off is brutal and is pleasing my ears muchly. This track helps to end the album in a blaze of glory and sure is full throttle. I can imagine driving extremely fast down the highway, with this as the soundtrack!

All in all, this album is fast, fun and has been a joy to listen too, but I feel its the live shows where these guys are really going to shine, can’t wait!

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)