Massive Wagons

New album and UK tour announcement.

Two years of relentless playing and Massive Wagons have earned their reputation among the top flight live bands in the UK.

Two years of putting on a show that true hard working fans deserve, taking roofs off and making friends everywhere they go.Two years and it’s finally here.

Massive Wagons - Fight The System


The bands live energy impact and sexy swagger has been captured, bottled and condensed into one phenomenal album. It’s the sound of the writing partnership of Adam Thistlethwaite and Barry Mills hitting its stride with a band on fire. And on 14th July, 2014 the album will be available to blast away your blues anytime you want.

Recorded at Axis Studio, produced by the exceptional talent of Matt Elliss (Black Spiders/Absolva) the songs were designed to scream from your speakers and reaffirm your belief that rock n’ roll will survive. This album is hard rock to its core, balls out rock n’ roll blended with bluesy overtones. Each track has this in common however – big riffs and huge choruses.

Massive Wagons

Guitarist Adam Thistlethwaite offers the band perspective… “We set out to capture our live performance. The tracks have been road tested and we know what we do best – there is no filler here… We’re very proud to have written an album where each song has its own character, whilst remaining collectively coherent and the live energy is there, in your face. Definitely nailed this one, and we still have loads more in the tank – we’re just getting started”

‘Red Dress’ – The first track single is now available for digital download on, accompanied by the HD video.

The single download includes an exclusive track Blood Rain, and previously unavailable acoustic version of Hurricane Suzy. Jonni Davis CEO of Off Yer Rocka added… “We love bands that come RAW from the streets and play from their hearts with pure balls… Massive Wagons qualify hand over fist on all fronts and we are really looking forward to working together and taking their sound worldwide”

“Fight The System” Is released through Off Yer Rocka, digitally released on the 14th July and physically through all major retail stores 4th August.–To pre-order the album at a cheaper rate ,you can buy from Itunes from 1st July and you will get a taster track ‘Rising Tides’.