Massive Wagons

Welcome to the World is available from 29th April 2016.

Massive Wagons have returned with album number three and trust me is does not disappoint. For those of you who are already a fan of Massive Wagons, you will know them for their catchy songs that you end up singing all day long and trust me, this album is full of them.

Massive Wagons

With the raw vocals of Barry Mills, whose unique voice sounds great backed up with heavy guitar solos and riffs from Adam and Carl, this album has the classic Wagons feel to it and with the ear shattering drums (Alex) and classic thundering bass of Adam Bouskill, it will leave you wanting more.

The album kicks off as it means to go on, with its fast paced heavy rock N roll let loose from the very first track ‘Nails’ and carried through to their new single ‘Tokyo’ and also the title track ‘Welcome To The World’.

So do check this out and if I was you, I’d keep the 29th April free in your diaries to get this album and get your rock on!!!!

Watch ‘Tokyo’ taken from the album ‘Welcome To The World’ Available from 29th April.

Review by Matthew York.