Massive Wagons

Fight The System – Album Review.

Fight The System

From the opening riff, you’re moving! A big slice of classic rock kicking you right in the balls and not stopping. Lyrics about drinking whiskey and rocking out, we all love a bit of that right? ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ ensures that Massive Wagons have arrived. Solid production and big vocal hooks throughout.

Unfortunately, for this reviewer, that’s where the fun stops. As solid as this album is, it’s all been done before and falls flat as it goes on and on. Typical, predictable songs with the odd ballad thrown in for good measure. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a market for this in the world but for me, it has not got enough about it to set it apart from everything that has gone before it.

‘Red Dress’ has a real AC/DC feel to it and has got enough swagger to get you hopping along like Angus Young and banging your head and when ‘Black Witch’ and ‘Truth’ kick in, hope is restored, a sledge hammer of riffery kicks you in the head and gets you moving again but sadly, songs such as ‘Roll with the Rhythm’ and ‘Look Around’ take the wind out of the sales and leaves me looking at my watch.

That said, these are really well constructed songs, have a solid backbone and their guitarist can really play which does give you the impression that these boys are the real deal and wear their musical hearts on their sleeves and that’s something we can all get on board with.

Stand out tracks: ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ and ‘Truth’.


Review by The Purple Piper.