RockWich 2015 saw the North Eastern rockettes LYNXX included as part of their impressive line up and it was to be quite a memorable show for them aswell – Toni Reed had chance for a quick chinwag with the girls to find out why today was so special….

For those who don’t know LYXX, explain a little about yourself and what you do in the band?

Emma, and I play the drums

Gemma, and I’ve played bass for the last 2 gigs

Steph, and I sing and play guitar

Izzy, and I play guitar


This was your last gig, however there have been some rumours that this isn’t the case and you are reforming, is this correct?

Steph – Yes, the bass player that we had is going to university. We didn’t want to just get a new bass player, we wanted to do something brand new so me, Izzy and Emma are doing a three-piece, sort of the same but brand new name, brand new songs, everything is going to be fresh.

Have you decided on a new name yet?

Steph – That is the hardest part, we are going in the studio and will probably have the album recorded before we even have a name.

Izzy – It should be really good when we have it!


How did you find your set today?

Steph – It was good

Emma – Fun, good crowd

Izzy – Tiny little bit emotional with it being the last gig, good crowd, everyone was loving it. Looking forward to seeing some of the other bands today.

Who are you looking forward to seeing today?

Izzy – Chasing Dragons, it doesn’t matter where we have been I have managed to miss them every time, so definitely going to see them today.

Steph – I want to catch Falling Red aswell

Emma – and THEIA


Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Steph – Everyone should keep an eye on the LYXX Facebook page as we will be posting updates and new stuff on their, we will be promoting the new band very soon.

Izzy – Also a massive thanks to everyone that has supported us, we have been together five years now so a massive thanks to everyone.

So, there we have it and as Steph says – keep an eye on LYXX’s Facebook page for all the latest news!

Interview by Toni Reed and Photography by Neil Reed.