Left For Red

Left For Red - Vol 002 Mercy Flight

‘Vol 2 – Mercy Flight’ EP Review.

I have heard of these guys out and about on the live circuit and seem to remember catching them live a couple of years ago so, when I was asked to do a review of their current E.P. I was interested to hear how it would sound. So….here goes.

Track one, ‘Kneel before you die’. This track instantly gets you moving with its rolling rhythmic feel and huge riffs. These are reminiscent of the ever popular stoner movement. The calling of the jungle drum intro makes you want to get in the pit straight away, with vocals that make me think of Morrisey, giving it a very English and punky vibe.

Track two, ‘The Obsession’, is the slow burner of the E.P. and makes me think of Alice In Chains (which is a good thing). This is a definite ‘less is more’ song which relies more on the vocal melody than the music and when the vocalist introduces some screaming into the mix, it makes the track even more powerful.

Track three, ‘Mercy Flight’, has the most energy to it and is a strong way to end the E.P. With it’s (Machine Head) Supercharger sounding intro, and rolling tom orientated drum beat, the song has a really catchy chorus with vocal harmonies which is a great dynamic to have as a band. If this doesn’t get you out of your seat then you must be one lazy bastard.

Left For Red

For me, this sounds like a band who wear their influences on their sleeves but without sounding like rip-off merchants, hints of 90’s Nu-Metal, Grunge and even Stoner Rock seep through these three tracks without one particular genre taking the lead. The production is clear and punchy giving the tracks a really solid sound. You could argue that the vocals are a little higher in the mix than necessary which is a shame as, for me, they are not the strongest element of the band, not terrible, just doesn’t float my boat. You can tell that ‘The Riff’ is important to these West Midland bruisers and that gets a big thumbs up in my book straight from the get go.

Review by The Purple Piper