Killing Joke

Rock City Nottingham 28.10.15.

Tonight there were only two bands on the bill but if you ask me, it’s about quality, not quantity!

First up were a band whose name is probably the longest I’ve ever come across, titled “The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing” and at first I thought maybe the initials would spell out a secret name, but as you can see TMTWNBBFN means absolutely nothing! In all honesty, this band have been one of my favourite finds of 2015 so far, they’re weird, eccentric and mold a variety of unthinkable genres together to create something very unique indeed! They call it Anachro-punk, more steamPUNK than steampunk, anyhow I’m not sure what it was, but I loved it. A very likeable band and everyone in attendance enjoyed their rock/punk, old English style of music along with their very British humour!

Andy Heintz - TMTWNBBFN

Here’s an interesting fact, that I’ve stolen off the bands Facebook page – their first album “Now That’s What I Call Steampunk – Vol. 1” had to be re-named after a legal dispute with EMI (seriously). It’s now called “The Steampunk Album That Cannot Be Named For Legal Reasons”. They also have several other EP’s, the latest of which is for the new single, titled “The Gin Song” which was released in October along with their new album “Not Your Typical Victorians”

Marc Burrows - TMTWNBBFN

Tonight’s Set List Consisted of: 1.Victoria’s Secrete 2.Miner 3.Margate Fhtagn 4.Coughing 5.Turned Out Nice 6.Clean Sweep 7.Boiler Plate 8.Brunel

Going into tonight’s gig, Killing Joke must of been feeling pretty pumped as their new album “Pylon” was sitting comfortably, at mid table of the UK’s official album chart. To celebrate, the band have been giving signing sessions at select venues on this tour as if to say thank you to those fans who’ve already purchased the album. These sessions took place earlier in the day, before the gigs. If you bought a copy and went down to FOPP Nottingham to get it signed, I’m extremely jealous, but pleased for you at the same time. It turns out, “Pylon” landed in the top-20 album chart at number 16 – their highest official chart entry in 21 years and their third highest ever. The album also hit No.1 in the Official Rock Album Chart and it’s greatly deserved, as it’s a phenomenal body of work, however, this album doesn’t see them doing anything differently to previous albums.

Kevin Geordie Walker - Killing Joke

Their messages are still the same, it just seems people are listening more to what these guys have to say, or is it because BBC Radio 1 have played their new single “I am the Virus” on Daniel P Carter’s Rock Show several times now. Either way, it’s pleasing to see one of the greatest, long standing Post Punk bands this country has produced, still around and doing well in today’s market place!

Martin Youth Glover - Killing Joke

As tonight’s gig was only a few days from Halloween, Rock City spared no expense in decorating the Great Hall. We had several people cocooned in spiders webbing, hanging from the rafters, along with other ghoulish decorations dotted around the place. Fans awaiting Killing Jokes arrival on stage were getting restless and were all shouting for them to hurry up and start performing. Plenty had gathered for the show tonight, which seemed a little more poignant than the last time I saw these guys play, which was at Hammerfest V, some 3 years ago now! As they took to the stage, they started with a real fan favourite “The Wait” how ironic, as they did in fact take to the stage on time – it was just the fans couldn’t, well wait!

Paul Ferguson - Killing Joke

Jaz Coleman was in his usual attire, a boiler suit and was on form, as were the rest of the band. Tonight was a great example of showman ship from one of the longest standing bands in the business and who proved they still have something to offer! Congratulations on the new album guys, I love it!

Jaz Coleman - Killing Joke

Full Set List Consisted of: 1.The Wait 2.Autonomous Zone 3.Absent Friends 4.The Fall of Because 5.Eighties 6.The Beautiful Dead 7.I Am the Virus 8.Exorcism 9.Delete 10.Money Is Not Our God 11.Requiem 12.Dawn of the Hive 13.Madness 14.Into the Unknown 15.Asteroid 16.Psyche 17.Wardance 18.Euphoria 19.Pandemonium

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)