JD & The FDCs

JD & The FDC's

JD & The FDCs are thrilled to announce that this coming June, they will be main support to the legendary Misfits on all of their UK dates. It’s a match made in Hell!

Here’s what the fearless leader had to say.

I have a long history with the Misfits.Like many others around the world they were among the first punk bands I was introduced to as a teenager. Then in the late 90s, my old band Panic supported them a bunch of times during the Michale Graves era. In 2003, Panic then toured with the Misfits (then featuring Marky Ramone on drums) extensively both in the UK and in mainland Europe. By 2007, I had started working for them and I’ve filled many roles in the Fiend Crew between then and now. Over the years, Dez Cadena has become a very good friend of mine and Jerry Only has helped me out both personally and professionally more than he will ever know.
These days, it’s getting harder and harder for underground bands like us to catch a break, so I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ve been invited to open up for my legendary friends/fiends on this upcoming UK tour. It’s a match made in Hell, and yes, I will be pulling double duty every night! … Jamie Delerict