JD & The FDC’s

‘Recognise’ album review.

It’s not very often that you will find me putting fingers to keyboard to write an album review but having watched JD and the FDCs live on several occasions and literally seen them ricochet through an audience, the opportunity to turn my attention to their new album release ‘Recognise’ was way too tempting to pass up on.

RecogniseTo state the obvious and say that JD and the FDCs are a rock ‘n’ roll band does not quite cover it as there is quite a bit more to them than that. With the main artery of the band having a mixture of New Wave, Post Punk and even an element of Punk Pop running through it, their overall sound is quite individual and in an age when so many bands sound alike, these guys have created a vein that can speak for itself.

The first song and title track of the album, ‘Recognise’, sets the mood for what is to follow and lyrically, it is a great representation of what makes JD and the FDCs tick, perhaps a bit tongue in cheek at times but that is simply part of their subtle charm. Musically, this song sits in a similar style to that of ‘Ujpest Doza’ and ‘Never Gonna Stop’, as it is full to brimming with the signature bevy of ‘lads’ harmonies, catchy choruses and the rich amalgamation of stinging guitar lines and unrelenting rhythms from the drums and bass.

Moving on down through the track listing we come to a little number that has easily earned its place on the album though its own success as title track of the bands last EP. ‘Burn This City Down’ is a pure thoroughbred JD and the FDCs anthem and destined to live on long after Jamie Delerict’s cap is old and threadbare – now there’s a thought!

There are two tracks on the album that in my opinion really stand out above the others, with the first one being ‘The Secret’. Boasting a sound akin to The B-52’s but laced with an unconventionally whiff of Sham 69, this is the type of song that can blissfully haunt you all day long to the point of insomnia. However, song of the album for me simply had to be the unconventional spaghetti western type parody, ‘This Town Of Infamy’. With its catchy chorus loaded up with a smart play on words and its outlandish musical arrangement, my poor vivid imagination was powerless to to fight off the images of tumbleweed blowing through the studio ….. and there aren’t many songs that I can recall to have done that before!

Credits on the album also reveal a wealth of musical cohorts in this venture which includes Dez Cadena, Johnny Bonnel, Acey Slade, Richard Bacchus, Jesse Luscious, Andee Blacksugar, Carol Hodge, Rob Lane and Amy “Lita” Dumas, former WWE Diva and lead singer with the Atlanta punk rockers, The Luchagors.

After all is said and done, what JD and the FDCs have created here is something that captures their sound, their wit and their rock till you drop attitude and for those of us who appreciate such qualities in their music, I doubt this album will disappoint.

Review by Sue Wardle.