Hitchcock Blonde

Five Pounds EP Review

Having never listened to London rockers Hitchcock Blonde before, I was very unsure what to expect. Gladly, I can say that I was more than pleasantly surprised! Their debut EP ‘Five Pounds’ is a six track, twenty two minute roller coaster, filled to the brim with hard hitting riffs, shattering vocals and pure rock and roll energy.

‘Five Pounds’ opens up with the smoothly crafted ‘Baby Knows Best’. The track is very reminiscent of American band Paramore and holds with it more vocal hooks than a fishing tackle shop! Here is a song that left me wanting more, luckily I still had another five to listen to!

Next up is ‘Buzz Kill’. A little softer than its predecessor but still lively and presented in true style. The pre-chorus is a smooth warm up for what comes next. Vocalist Ella Grace, subtly whispers the word ‘breathe’ before the entire band, featuring Drew Wynen (Guitar), Joss Nightingale (Bass) and Ben Davies (Drums) explode into the chorus! Definitely an anthem for a long car drive.

Track three sees a new development for this six song wonder of an EP. ‘Cutglass’ has a slightly darker tone whilst somehow still maintaining a bouncy upbeat groove! It did not however hit me as hard as the other songs on the EP, largely due to the lack of a catchy chorus, but that being said, I still found myself wanting to get up and dance and I was no means bored.

‘Sexy Like You’ rekindles the infectious memorable and ‘turn around touch the ground’ dance tone of the EP! The entire track is excellant, it will guarantee to leave your head spinning, not least because of it’s trippy (what sounds like) kazoo solo towards the end! Pure creative class.

The penultimate ‘Let It Go’ left me pondering, “are this band influenced by No Doubt?”. A song filled with ‘Don’t Speak’ resemblances is always a winner in my book. The brilliant inclusion of vocal harmonies in the chorus cements this band in the mind, there is not a trick missing so far. Sadly at this point I remembered that the EP was coming to a close, luckily there was still one track left. Could it bookend the debut in style?

The answer was a resounding yes! ‘Animals’ is by far the best track on the EP, the light at the end of the tunnel if you will. Stuffed full of riffs and even a raunchy lyric here and there, Hitchcock Blonde prove that they know how to write anthemic, psychedelic and down right amazing music.

In my opinion, ‘Five Pounds’ is nothing short of stunning!

Rating 9 out of 10

For fans of: No Doubt, Paramore, Royal Republic.

Track listing: 1. Baby Knows Best  2. Buzz Kill  3. Cutglass  4. Sexy Like You  5. Let It Go  6. Animal

Review by Adam Lavender