Hils Ovation Presents

A Born Disaster/ Theia/ Four Floors Of Whores/ Balls Deep and Face Of A Stranger.

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 8th November 2013.

November is proving to be one of the most promising months of my gigging year so far. With so many mammoth gigs lined up and all boasting an amazing wealth of up and coming bands from across the Midlands, tonight’s Hils Ovation gig fits that bill completely with a line up to be proud of.

Getting tonight’s line up off to a flying start were local metalists, A Born Disaster and as a band, these guys sit so far away from what their name suggests – it’s untrue! With a sound built from an alloy of fiercesome riffs and expressive vocals that are embodied upon a resonant core of bass and drums, these guys sure have a great thing going for them. Highlight of the set for me and for many others there to hear it, was their version of the Power Rangers anthem and I have to admit, I loved it!

David Woodhouse - A Born Disaster

Moving us on from one bunch of super hero’s to another, were the mighty Theia. Having been a recent music224 Band Of The Week, I was already pretty much addicted to the new single ‘We’re Alive’, but seeing them live went almost beyond believing as these guys have more rock and boulder than an avalanche! With so much energy and charisma on stage, plus a fantastic compilation of songs, I see a very bright future for this band, so people take note of their name and next time you see it on a gig poster, get yourself down there – you won’t regret it!

TJ Weston - Theia

Our third band for tonight were Four Floors Of Whores and for those connoisseurs of metal who like their music intense and played with a velocity that will ricochet off the walls, ceiling and just about every other place it touches, then these guys are the band for you. Four Floors Of Whores are still less than a year old in creation, not that that was evident from tonight’s performance as their set was incessantly tight and savage in it’s execution, so here’s hoping the next twelve months serves them just as well, as I suspect there is still a lot more to come from this band!

Carl Marshall and Lee Doughty - Four Floors Of Whores

I’d already heard many good things about our penultimate band Balls Deep, but seeing them really is believing as I was to discover! With a song catalogue that buries itself deep within a valley of caustic metal, Rich Beresford on vocals spits out fire and brimstone in his every note, whilst Roy ‘Swampi’ Beetham on bass gives new meaning to the word psychotic! Not a band for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition but definitely a must go see for the rest of the world!

Rich Beresford - Balls Deep

And so came the time for Face Of A Stranger to take to the stage. Tonight’s gig had real meaning for the band as it marked their first headlining slot and one quick look back from the photo pit across The Slade Rooms, confirmed that there were a fair few people here tonight eager to show their support for the band and to share in a piece of the memory aswell.

Joe Lewis - Face Of A Stranger

With a set list of nine songs richly steeped in rock melodies and emotive vocals, and including the gloriously addictive ‘Shutting Me Down’, Face The Stranger made a few new friends tonight and as the last note faded away, the look on their faces clearly said that this had been a gig that they will be wearing with pride for a long time to come.

Mitch Jones - Face Of A Stranger

Once again, Hils Ovation and The Slade Rooms have been the perfect hosts to a great night of bands from across the Midlands and with music this good, you really couldn’t ask for much more!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.