Hils Ovation Presents

Warlord with support from Garganjua/ Shebrew/ Spiral Dive

and From Eden To Exile.

The O2 Academy3 Birmingham 28th June 2014.

When it comes down to presenting a line up of great metal prowess, Hils Ovation nails it down tight every single time and with tonight’s line up as billed, this evenings gig looks set to follow on in exactly that same tradition.

The extreme power and brutal force of From Eden To Exile made for a merciless starting point to the night and with nothing held back in his performance, Mike Thomas on vocals, shattered the stillness of the early evening crowd at the O2 Academy. Fast and furious by design, From Eden To Exile laid down a perfectly executed set that pumped the adrenaline up to 10 and gave us all a great start to the night!

From Eden To Exile

Bringing the rock up with them from down Kettering way, were our second band of the night, Spiral Dive. With the weight of classic heavy metal behind them and vocals reminiscent of Ozzy himself, Birmingham welcomed this band with open arms but then why wouldn’t they when you have several great songs such as ‘Grinder’ in your set! Why not give yourself a bit of a treat and check these guys out over at http://www.spiral-dive.co.uk/home.html

Spiral Dive

Next up on stage and sending out a hearty helping of stylish stoner vibes, were the Birmingham based band Shebrew. It really is all about the music for these guys, as their rich instrumental melodies simply roll off the stage whilst being perfectly complimented by the vocal breaks of Francis Anthony. The music of this powerful trio really leaves you wanting for nothing and undoubtedly got the quality thumbs up from tonight’s audience.


Our fourth and penultimate band for the evening was the stoner/sludge doom ‘wizards’ from Leicestershire, Garganjua. Now this is a band I’ve wanted to see live for quite some time as the recorded material of theirs that I’ve listened to, distinctly bares a fearless force combined with a hint of hypnotic psychosis – and that ain’t something you come across on a regular basis! And with songs such as ‘Lazy Green’ being translated into their live performance tonight, I can happily confirm that the wait was well and truly worth it!


Three was definitely the magic number tonight as our headliners and third three piece band of the evening, swiftly set about proving that very fact. Warlord were a phenomenal experience upon the senses as not only did they deliver a metal amalgamation that was embellished thru to it’s savage core but they also delivered a visual presentation that ricocheted across the eyes like a technological battle scene. An outstanding end to the night and one hell of a performance!


Once again, tonight’s Hils Ovation gig gave Birmingham five great metal performances – and you really can’t ask for more than that!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.