Hils Ovation

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 17th April 2015.

Tonight’s gig seems to have taken it’s time in getting here but just as the saying goes, ’all good things are worth waiting for’- so on with the show!

First up on stage and getting tonight’s proceedings underway were the Wolverhampton locals, Militia Inc. Their set this evening was a breezy blast of feel good rock ’n’ roll, which included a hearty mix of their original material played in partnership with a few familiar covers which all in all, made for great start to the night.

Rich Wellington - Militia Inc.

Next up for our entertainment this evening were Pencils For Pistols and you gotta hand it to these guys as they seem to be brewing up a very enticing blend of deep rolling melodies and riffs combined with a great set of vocals that are well worth checking out! I’m hearing that there may even be a spot of new recordings on their horizon aswell so do get these guys on your radar cause I got a good feeling that Pencils For Pistols are going to have a great year!

Rich Guest - Pencils For Pistols

Marking the midway point for tonight were the Stoke On Trent band, Alter Eden and from the get go, their music and performance simply hit like a slammer! There is an energy and intensity about them that makes you catch your breath and with their new EP ‘Fearless’ set for release at the end of the month, I think it’s safe to say that the title just about sums them up perfectly. Brilliant set from Alter Eden tonight and roll on the next one!

Simon Whitney - Alter Eden

Our penultimate band for this evening were Glass Bullet and these guys can easily be described as long standing true favourites across the West Midland music scene. Their set tonight gave The Slade Rooms audience a great opportunity to experience the bands brutal hard rocking flavour at it’s fullest and not a lot was held back by the crowd when it came down to showing their appreciation for the bands performance. Busy year ahead planned for Glass Bullet including participation in the Black Country heats of the Metal To The Masses competition which will see the winner on their way to Bloodstock, so all the very best wished to the band with that.

Lewis Ward - Glassbullet

Having first seen Fire Red Empress back in August of last year, I fast became a huge fan of the band as here we have, what I can only describe as a melodic entity that has captured the spirit of hard faced rock ’n’ roll. With the successful release of their three track EP ‘Paint Me The Devil’ delivering the promise of more great recordings yet to come, the release of an album is a much anticipated jewel which I for one, can’t wait to possess.

Carl Gethin - Fire Red Empress

Tonight’s set from the band charged the airwaves with an adrenaline fueled intensity that was all consuming to watch and with the undoubtable highlight of the set for me being the intoxicating track ‘Left Unspoken’. You can catch Fire Red Empress at Bloodstock this year but until then, check them out over on Facebook for all their latest news and shenanigans!

Nik Taylor Stoakes - Red Fire Empress

Another great night of live music and entertainment had by all at The Slade Rooms, courtesy of Militia Inc., Pencils For Pistols, Alter Eden, Glass Bullet, Fire Red Empress and as always, Hils Ovation.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.