Hils Ovation

The Slade Rooms 20th March 2015.

I’m really liking the line up of tonight’s Hils Ovation gig as it‘s a great mix of bands familiar and new to me but first and foremost, I have to give huge apologies to Merciless Tide for missing their set. Traffic and parking was an absolute bitch tonight due to a football match and I just wasn’t expecting that.

Thankfully, I did make it in time to catch Electus and these guys were just the job as they are 100% rock ‘n’ roll with a touch of Jimi Hendrix blended in for good measure. One of the greatest pleasures for me, from being part of music224, is coming across a band for the first time and watching where the future takes them and despite Electus’ laid back feel and good time vibe, I sense we have a band here who are very serious about making music and have their sights firmly fixed forward upon the horizon.

Russell Peak - Electus

Some bands don’t just settle on rocking our world but strive to carve out a new one of their own and the Cower Hounds are one such band who never fail to make their sound or each performance, an eccentric excursion through that twisted black hole into the world where the Cower Hounds live. There is something incredibly inspiring about this band as each time I’ve seen or heard them play, they always manage to propel themselves to a new level of creativity and that was once again the case tonight – top set indeed!

Rob Stimpson - Cower Hounds

Our penultimate band for this evening and another new experience for me were Wolverhampton locals, The Infinite Struggle. These guys sure know how to metal up and with front man Paul Hamilton having such an impressive voice and raging persona to match, I anticipate we will be hearing a lot more from these guys as the year rolls out.

Paul Hamilton - The Infinite Struggle

Our headlining band for tonight were Black Tongue Messiah who consist of Rich Sewell – vocals and guitar, Dale Jones – guitar, Dan Angelides – bass and Dene Haddon on drums.

Dale Jones - Black Tongue Messiah

The band have been together for just over two years now, and a productive couple of years they’ve been aswell and most notably topped off by the recording session at Hellfire Studios last November for the creation of their new EP, ‘ Propaganda Bomb’.

Rich Sewell - Black Tongue Messiah

Black Tongue Messiah’s set was ram packed tonight with their abundance of heaviness and with the title track of the new EP being a clear highlight for me. Do go check the band out over on their Facebook page and grab yourself a copy of ‘Propaganda Bomb’ first chance you get!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.