Hils Ovation

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 12th September 2015.

This weekend seems to have been a long time coming, so a spot of Saturday night giggity gig giggin courtesy of Valous, Our Earths Blood, Rustlung, The Infinite Struggle and One Life Left – is exactly what’s needed!

Bringing the metalcore fresh to the stage tonight were One Life Left who hail from just down the road in Birmingham. Their set this evening topped off a very good week for the band who have just announced their signing to Dark Zero Records – and if that wasn’t good news enough, their new single ‘Beacons’ is set for release on the 1st October. One Life Left were living that life to the max tonight and I suspect that there is one heck of a lot more still yet to come from this band.

One Life Left

I first came across The Infinite Struggle back in March of this year at a previous Hils Ovation gig so following that, their set tonight was most definitely a welcomed repeat performance. Once again, lead singer Paul Hamilton made for a charismatic front man with the band as a whole, delivering another formidable set to The Slade Rooms audience. For those native metal fans of the area who missed The Infinite Struggle tonight, the band will be back in Wolverhampton on 3rd October when they will be part of the line up at The Giffard Arms – so make sure you get that date in your diary!

The Infinite Struggle

Our third band of the night were Rustlung who brought along with them all the way from Kidderminster, an impressive set of heavy metal. Without doubt, this band went down a storm with the Slade Room’s audience who were quite loud in their praise for more. The band have also been writing some new material and hope to have their second EP ready for release later in the year, so keep checking their Facebook page for more details and updates on that!


The penultimate band for this evening were Our Earths Blood, and without doubt, the time was upon us when the normal boundaries of sound and perception were about to be stretched. Describing their music as Grind and PV does not quite do them justice as their set tonight was a cacophony of raging hell fire and damnation with a touch of unholy bedlam thrown in aswell – just for good measure! Our Earth’s Blood are the kind of band who will tie down your attention and leave you in full denial of what you’ve just seen and heard – and I loved ‘um!

Our Earths Blood

It’s been quite a while since our headlining band of the night stepped up and onto the Slade Room’s stage and as they did there was a huge warm welcome, waiting for Valous.

The bands line up tonight had a slightly different look to that which I had been expecting, with JD now a permanent fixture on drums instead of guitar and the familiar face of Lee Wilf Wilson stepping in on bass, whilst the band are one man down following surgery.


There were no surprises with their music however, which remained equally as epic as ever, with Mat Shutt on vocals tearing through the Wolverhampton heavens and ensuring the audience witnessed a great performance designed to make tonight one to be remembered.


Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.