‘Tearing Down The Walls’ – Album Review.

I am over the moon to be given the chance to review the latest album by non other than Swedish rock band H.E.A.T, as these guys have a history of making awesome music! The melodic rock band has done it again!

Tearing Down The Walls - H.e.a.t

‘Tearing Down The Walls’ is the latest in their album line up, it’s a 12 track wonder, of classic rock, melodious riffs and epic ballads!

H.E.A.T were formed from the melding of two previous bands in early 2007. They have seriously made their mark over the past seven years in both their homeland of Sweden aswell as internationally and supported the likes of, Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy! Current line up is… the rather beautiful Eric Grönwall (winner of Swedish Idol) on vocals, Eric Rivers – Guitar, Jona Tee – Keyboards, Jimmy Jay – Bass and Crash – Drums.

Right, on to their latest album, ‘Tearing Down The Walls’ and after their epicness of melodic rock that was ‘Address The Nation’, ‘Tearing Down The Walls’ has a rather difficult act to follow!

‘Point Of No Return’ opens this album with a gentle orchestral intro that breaks you in gently! This however only lulls you into thinking it’ll be an easy ride, with the following guitar riff and vocals, melodic, edgy, and beautifully put together!

Followed up with ‘A Shot Of Redemption’, the sound changes considerably, it is catchy, holds it’s own as a dance to, sing along track so sit still if you dare when this one plays… I can almost guarantee you will be jumping about in no time, if it doesn’t get you tapping your feet, then perhaps you need to turn up the volume!

‘Bring out Inferno’….. and ooooh, it’s fast paced with a little room for some head-banging! Split paced, with heavier guitar and vocals, I’d say wonderfully energetic! Erik and Eric clearly have a lot of fun in this one with Eric River’s bringing out some beautiful solo guitar work!

We then move stealthily on to ‘The Wreckoning’, which is a brief interlude in the madness, creepy, but takes you beautifully on to the title Track itself, ‘Tearing Down The Walls’. This is a melodic wonder and a gorgeous piece of music that is easy to listen to, well put together, Drums could maybe come up a little, but that doesn’t offend greatly, and a great pick for the title track!

Now we move on to ‘Mannequin Show’ which follows on well from the previous track. The song stays gravelly and high with only the occasional break in the rough, to show you that little light in the mix!

‘We Will Never Die’ is the next track and you know what, I am sure they never will, if H.E.A.T keep rolling out music of this quality! Classic feeling track, with a new wave 80’s vibe, and if you like big sounding melodic rock with catchy vintage feel, then you will love this new twist on a theme and I can easily imagine this one as a soundtrack to a movie!

‘Emergency’ it’s an emergency…. this track is rather different again to all that has come before it, the pace is on a par with the rest of the album, excepting maybe Inferno with it’s fast pace, the guitar a little heavier, the Vocals beautiful!

‘All the Nights’ starts with a gentle piano string intro and soft vocals – this is a beautiful ballad and a complete diversion from the heavy melodic, classic rock of the rest of the album, I myself really enjoyed this break within the album as it gives you the chance to sit back, put your feet up and just listen for four minutes, and do take that time for yourself, you’ll not regret it! Keep that hope alive, another day goes by!

Just when you think you have heard it all and relaxed yourself down from ‘All the Nights’, ‘Eye for an Eye’ leaps out at you with a trigger happy nostalgic rebound back to the melodic rock with waves of sound flowing through this track in all the right places! Look out for another great guitar solo, epic!

‘Enemy in me’ is a lot of fun to listen to, interesting with variety of sounds that range from dirty guitar, full band chanting, waves of vocal shouts and whispers and rolls you on into the last track on the album, which feels like it has certainly come too soon!

‘Laughing at Tomorrow’ starts heavy, then in come those soft vocals Erik is so good at! As the pace builds, and the backing vocals come in, the song feels like the sort of song that could become a random and huge anthem! You know it just has that feeling!

I have to say I have enjoyed this album. It is on the whole a mix of melodic, classic almost vintage rock, with a very varied selection of tracks, put together well! Do I prefer it to the previous albums? Possibly, you know what maybe I do… it certainly keeps you guessing! Take a good long listen, decide for yourself! Hey, if you like heavy thrash or death metal, this is probably not for you, but if you like it a little more melodic or classic 1980’s style, with a modern twist, you just might love it!

Review By Xenia Seurat.