Fires That Divide

‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ – EP Release Date 1.9.16.

In only a very short space in time, the West Midlands based band Fires That Divide have established themselves as being an up and coming band to look out for, and their new EP ‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ is definitely another step up that ladder to success.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the EP’s title and I’m guessing there’s a story to be told there but as for the songs themselves, well very little explanation is needed as they all speak the language of rock fluently!

John Lee, Bullet & Love - Fires That Divide

The EP consists of four songs with ‘Coherence’ making for a very impressive opening track. This track blasts itself forwards along the smouldering edge of heaviness and wraps itself beautifully around the soaring riffs and melodic harmonies that characterize Fires That Divide’s signature sound and sets out high expectations for the next three tracks that are to follow.

I have to say that as good as ‘Coherence’ is, it was the second track on the EP ‘Mr Philosophy’ that took this EP to another level for me. Here we have a song that casts its own net into the blazing guitar riffs and rhythms reminiscent of bands such as Velvet Revolver and Audioslave and when combined with some of the best vocals that I’ve ever heard from Kirk Shuttleworth, the whole experience made for my favourite track on the EP.

The remaining two tracks deliver an interesting contrast in regards to each other as the third song of the EP ‘Vector Man‘ starts by creating the illusion of a light and beautiful lament whilst the fourth and final track which is entitled ‘Mary Scotch’, carries a little darkness in its soul but having said that, there is no mistaking that as both of these tracks independently grow, they both consistently capture that hard rocking feel which Fires That Divide own.

Having seen and enjoyed watching Fires That Divide play live on several occasions, I hadn’t expected to learn as much about their sound and where their future vision lies as I did through listening to ‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’, so it’s fair to say that this EP certainly delivered the ‘WOW’ factor for me and I can‘t wait to hear what comes next!

‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ is available to purchase now through itunes or amazon and I would highly recommend checking it out.

Track Listing is as follows: 1. Coherence 2. Mr Philosophy 3. Vector Man 4. Mary Scotch

Review by Sue Wardle.