Exposure – Alternative Edition


The Clocktower/ Modern Minds/The Grade/ The Pelotons/ Mr George’s Famous Last Words and Escape.

Fixxion Warehouse Wolverhampton 9th November 2013.

November’s date with Exposure – the ‘Alternative Edition’, seems to have been a long time coming, but finally it was here and I can’t say how much I’d been looking forward to this, the next instalment of Fixxion’s exclusive event! With Planet Rock’s very own Wyatt Wendels back in charge of band video interviews, aswell as taking on the role of tonight’s host, Exposure is well and truly back with a bang!

Getting the show up and running were a new addition to tonight’s line up, Escape. Not phased by a few initial sound issues, Escape got straight down to business and their versatility certainly showed its hand here, with this twosomes combined talents covering keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals. A short but sweet set from these guys that provided a mix of their own material aswell as covers and including a great version of ‘Jailhouse Rock’.


If you’re looking to catch someone’s curiosity, then giving your band an unusual name is a pretty cool way to do it. Once you’ve got someone’s attention the hard bit is keeping hold of it and I have to say, ‘Mr Georges Famous Last Words’ scored a home run tonight on both counts. Not only do they have a decadent flamboyance in their music but they also have similar in their performance and Mr George himself, is one ‘eck of a frontman. Much good music and plenty of fun from these guys tonight and I look forward to catching them again next time round.

George Langman - Mr George's Famous Last Words

It’s always a pleasure to see a band that are relatively new in formation and the next band to take to the stage tonight, The Pelotons, fit very well within that category. Having only been in existence since August of this year, The Pelotons have made quick work in honing a guitar rich indie style voice for themselves and to have grown so much already, lays great hope for their future and all that is yet to come.

Olly Hyden - The Pelotones

There seemed to be a great buzz flying around tonight in anticipation of The Grade taking to the stage, and the reason for this became quite apparent, quite quickly, as Jack, Ben and Elliott didn’t waste one minute before whipping up their own kind of rock ‘n’ roll storm. Three people on a stage the size of Fixxion can sometimes look a little lost, but there was absolutely no chance of that happening with The Grade as long as there was breath left in their bodies. A great set from the band tonight and the highlight of the evening for me.

The Grade

Another relatively new band on tonight’s line up were Modern Minds who first hit the scene running back in March of this year and have not looked back since then. With a groove wrapped in foot tapping addiction and lyrics bourne of the real world, there is definitely an interesting marriage between indie and alternative happening here. Check them out over on Facebook, and take a little listen for yourself.

James McCabe - Modern Minds

Our headlining band for tonight were the West Midland indie groovers, The Clocktower. I have to give great respect to this band as not only have they both reached and surpassed themselves in their Manchester style indie vein, but they still continued to grow and evolve at every junction of their journey. Despite the hour getting late, their audience still remained hyped and I firmly suspect that their fans would have stayed and partied all night long, if the band could have kept playing.

Ian Dowdeswell - The Clocktower

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.