Evil Scarecrow

The Slade Rooms Wolves 29th January 2016.

In this day and age, day to day existence can be pretty tough going at times and based upon my musical experiences, one of the best forms of therapy out there has to be an Evil Scarecrow gig. With support tonight being most ably provided by DECIMATE and Slaughter Horse, there was a triple treat ahead for all us West Midland metal aficionados!

First band to take to the stage this evening were DECIMATE and I could not imagine a more apt metal name for this band as their style and performance throughout the entirety of their set was crushing to the near point of perfection. With front man Matt Harrison making his commanding stage presence felt, DECIMATE were addictive to watch and more than deservedly earned the praise that they received from the Slade Rooms’ audience.

Ivan Mornington - Decimate

Our next band of the night were Slaughter Horse and no-one could be blamed for taking a sharp intake of breath in the presence of these guys, as seeing and hearing them really is an experience. Swathed in their own unique aura of fluorescent madness, Slaughter Horse gave us an all consuming set which included tracks from their recent EP ‘Plague Carriers’, with the title track being a particular highlight for me.

Jim Chilton - Slaughter Horse

Another Slaughter Horse highlight for me was seeing the memento of the audiences reaction and appreciation for the band grow – both during and after their set and I very much believe that this is a sign of the great things yet to come for this band.

Rob Greenfield - Slaughter Horse

Words never quite manage to capture exactly what it feels like to be in the company of Evil Scarecrow, as their artistry and originality sits firmly in a unique little universe all of its own – and a pretty lively little universe it was tonight!

Kraven Morrdeth - Evil Scarecrow

The bands set was a glorious carnival of many a tune that Evil Scarecrow are known and much loved for, with ‘The Book Of Doom‘ and ‘Robotron’ visibly shaking the dust off The Slade Rooms chandelier.

Monty Blitzfist - Evil Scarecrow

And let’s not forget ‘Crabulon’ – as if anyone could, with this being the highlight of the night for me as man and crustacean truly were one!

Dr Rabid Hell - Evil Scarecrow

Tonight’s gig was the kind of gig that I simply didn’t want to end as it was an absolute tonic at see the inner child or robot of so many, unleashed and running free within the confines of The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton.

I really hope we don’t have to wait too long before we get to see these three great bands back up on stage again as this evenings excursion into the depths of metal was a prime example of live music at it’s very very best!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.