Emma Scott

O2 Academy3 Birmingham 23rd Nov 2013.

Birmingham is being given a bit of an early Christmas party this evening and getting tonight’s show rolling with a hefty kick of groove laden rock, were Birmingham’s very own rock bruisers, The Crimson Star. With their collective range of influences spanning from Led Zep through to Pearl Jam all rising to the surface in their music, there’s a great source of heat in their sound and The Crimson Star made light work of setting the bar for those about to follow. Great performance from these guys and a great way start to the night!

The Crimson Star

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of good things about Feral Sun so their trip all the way up London is one that I was pretty keen for them to make and every mile they traveled was well worth it in my opinion, as the same massive sound that is heard in their recordings lost nothing in the translation to a live performance. If you’ve not discovered Feral Sun yet, check them out over on their Facebook page, you won’t be disappointed!

Feral Sun

Fight The Dice are no strangers to Emma Scott Presents or the O2 Academy3 either and with such a fresh current rock sound topped off with the distinctive vocals of Ben Jackson, tonight’s set was once again a pleasure to hear and watch. These guys just seem to be going from strength to strength so roll on 2014 and all that I’m sure it is destined to bring for Fight The Dice.

Fight The Dice

The penultimate band on tonight’s line up were the blissfully notorious East Midlands rockers, JD and the FDCs. Tonight’s performance was one made in heaven for the audience whilst one made in hell for the security guards, but then no show from these guys would be complete in the absence of their off stage shenanigans. Once again, JD and the FDCs took Birmingham by storm and soon may they return!

JD and the FDCs

Tonight had much meaning to our headlining band Redshift and this was clearly apparent through their attention to the detail from the moment that the stage lights came up and the band took to the stage through to their last note of the night. Both band and audience were powered by adrenaline tonight which was most ably assisted by all the glow sticks that lit up the front few rows at the crowd barrier and all serving to fuel Redshift on to give a performance well worthy of a headlining act. For a band that’s not long seen the anniversary of their first year of existence, and who are also about to celebrate the release of a new EP, I’m guessing that right now, Redshift have a lot to jump for joy about.


Tonight’s event brought the year to an end for Emma Scott Presents – and what a way to do it!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.