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Dirty Thrills
New EP ‘Sweetheart Of The Slums’ Release Date  August 18th 2015. The Dirty Thrills, an ambitious, explosion of anthemic goodness,
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‘Dried Bones’ Release Date 27th June 2015. Ever since I first saw Torous live on stage, I’ve felt that there
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The Final Chapter
Entropy – Self Release 10th April 2015. ‘Entropy’ is the brand new EP from British metal band The Final Chapter
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A Higher Demise
‘The Doctor Will See You Now’. Smashing out from the depths of South-East London, A Higher Demise are here to
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As Lions
‘THE FALL’ – Available as a free download. A ferocious, no-holds-barred blast of melodic metal, ‘The Fall’ is the first
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Western Sand
Western Sand release their single and video ‘Dark Horse’ from their latest EP ‘ Cut You Down To Size’ Tyler
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