With support from Mallen and The Blacklist Saints.
O2 Academy3 Birmingham 26th August 2017.

Tonight’s Hils Ovation gig is looking set to be one of a kind and headlining here at the O2 Academy3 are none other than Devilfire, most ably supported by Mallen and The Blacklist Saints.

With The Black Hounds having to step down from tonight’s line up at the last minute, this evening opening set came courtesy of The Blacklist Saints. Having not seen this band before, tonight’s set was a mighty fine baptism into their undeniably raw blend of punk’d rock ‘n’ roll and also a great introduction to the rawkus style of songs that their debut album ‘Intro Extro‘ holds firmly in its grip. Highlight of tonight’s performance for me, was the track “Est ’83” which definitely brought their set to an end on a high.

It’s been way too long since I last saw our next band Mallen and I have to applaud them loudly for the set that they delivered tonight, as all their hard work, commitment and self propelling determination really stood out in their on stage presence this evening. With several of their newer tracks featuring strongly in tonight’s set, I highly anticipate that their new and forthcoming EP will be striding out in exactly the right direction for Mallen but it was good to hear some of their older songs and once again, ” Welcome To The Edge” hit the spot for me.

And so we come to our headlining band of the night, Devilfire and to say I had been looking forward to seeing them live for the first time is most definitely an understatement! There is quite a buzz around this band and quite rightly so, as the combined talents of Alex Cooper, Baz Blackett, Davey Bennett, Lars Wickett and Richard Bloomer-Davies is the kind of line up that is guaranteed to produce an abundance of melodic hard edged rock that just squeals success!

With their new album “Dark Manoeuvres” due for release 6th October, tonight’s set from the band gave a blazing representation of it’s greatness and with songs such as “Waiting For A Rockstar” and “She’s Like Fire” having the kind of anthemic greatness that lasts even with time, Devilfire are set to take the rock scene by storm.

So reflecting back over this evening’s gig, I can’t help but feel slightly in awe of these three marvelous bands, who put on quite a show for us tonight. I’m quite sure that every local music scene has it’s talent but if what I saw and heard tonight is representative of the Midlands, then we most certainly are firmly on the map!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.