Destroyed Beyond Belief

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 1st April 2016.

Tonight’s event is a bitter sweet one to say the least, as after many years of writing and playing great metal plus being party to far more antic’s than will ever be repeated outside of a padded cell, The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton was set to play host to the final gig of Destroyed Beyond Belief .

Destroyed Beyond Belief

This evening was important in another way too, as it was an opportunity to say thank you to friends, fans and fellow musicians for being part of the story, so each and every song that was played tonight came straight from the heart. And getting things well under way tonight were Decimate, who gave us a set of metal so brutal that not an ounce of mercy was shown.

Nick Smith - DECIMATE

Our second band of the night were At Dawn We Attack but this time with a twist in their tale as in the absence of lead singer Bryan Hancox we were treated to an inspiring bounty of guest appearances at the mic which really was something to behold. Recent years have provided us with several main stream super groups, whose line ups can vary as they see fit and I have to say I love that concept, but never more so than that which I witnessed tonight as in that same vein, At Dawn We Attack were formidable!

Danny Bailey - At Dawn We Attack

Destroyed Beyond Belief first raised their heads back in November 2011 and since that time they have consistently been a band whose contribution to the local metal scene and beyond, has in my opinion, been one of great significance. At each and every gig of theirs that I’ve attended, it has always been such a pleasure to lavish in the strength of their combined ability for songwriting, stage presence and priceless sense of humour and most notably for me being their appearance at Hils Ovations Midlands Metal Crusade III back in December 2014.

Edd Bailey - Destroyed Beyond Belief

Tonight’s set list also reflected the great catalogue of songs that Destroyed Beyond Belief have given us and included tracks such as ’Blind Faith’, ’Embrace The Flames’ and of course, no gig would be complete without the inclusion of their epic track ‘Destroyer’.

It was also bloomin marvellous to see the familiar faces of Sandman and Marie up on stage tonight and to have the final chance of seeing them all together again for one last time.


The message of this, their final gig being a means of saying a huge and heartfelt thank you to all those who have supported them over the years was without doubt, felt loud and clear by the entire Slade Rooms audience and a message of great appreciation for the band was equally returned by all those present.

Sean Westwood - Destroyed Beyond Belief

When all is said and done, there are some reviews you really don’t want to write and that has certainly been the case with this one for me. I will remain ever hopeful that the passing of time will see these guys back together on stage again but for now, nothing will ever change the fact that Destroyed Beyond Belief closed the last page in their final chapter on an emotional high and to quote the last line written on tonight‘s set list: “Lie Down – Try Not To Cry – Cry A Lot”.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.