Death Angel

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 8th August 2017.

Tonight, the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton looks ready for the taking, with a superb night of metal courtesy of the mighty Death Angel, Warbringer, Eradikator and Reign Of Fury.

With it being a bit of a mad rush across to Wolverhampton after work, I was sadly late to the party and only managed to catch the last couple of songs in Reign Of Fury’s set. The on stage arrangement of equipment for tonight’s bands certainly made for a cosy performance from Reign Of Fury but in no way did that seem to be having a negative effect on them or the audience, as the bands brand of thrashtastic metal held the audience in its powerful grip and it was great to see so many fists in the air, in what was already a pretty full room.

With a pretty swift change over on stage, Eradikator were next up tonight and with Pat Cox’s rousing call of ‘Are you with us‘, receiving a loud and hearty response, there was no doubt about it – we were. The band were on fine form this evening and I guess that when you have an audience who clearly are enjoying themselves, then this also has a positive impact on the band. Eradikator’s set went through all the glorious stage from on fire to frenzied with enough guitar riffs and guttural vocals to keep even the most demanding of metalheads happy but let’s face it, you just can’t beat a bit of Eradikator.

Our third band of the night and main support for the tour, were Warbringer and what these guys brought to the stage tonight was an abundance of Los Angeles thrash, that most definitely stood out in a league of its own. With the audience well up for some very active participation, the Slade Rooms seemed to be buried under a permanent sea of headbanging and adrenaline and of course, a circle pit or two. Their set comprised of both long standing favorites and a few of their new songs aswell, with the newer material being taken from their album ‘Woe To The Vanquished‘ which was released back in March via Napalm Records. If you’ve not had chance to check this album out for yourself, then just take a look at the video for ‘Remain Violent‘ – this one doesn’t hold anything back at all!

Set List: 1.Silhouettes 2.Woe to the Vanquished 3.Remain Violent 4.Shellfire 5.Descending Blade 6.Shattered Like Glass 7.Hunter-Seeker 8.Living in a Whirlwind 9.Combat Shock ….

And so to our headlining band for this evening – Death Angel. This band has experienced the kind of longevity that happens for good reason and what they brought to the Slade Rooms tonight, was an absolute privilege to be a part of. In trying to describe why it felt such a privilege, I could tell you about the outstanding songs that were included in their set – such as ‘Lost‘, which is taken from last years album release ‘The Evil Divide‘ but if you’re a fan, then you already know about the rich repertoire of songs they have tucked firmly under their belt. I could also say that their stage presence and technical ability stands very tall indeed but again, I’m sure that doesn’t really come as any great surprise either but what really blew me away tonight was the bond I saw between the band and audience – now that really WAS something special to behold! With so many hands reaching out across the photo pit, the band took every opportunity to make that connection with their fans and spent much of their set getting as close to the audience as possible and Mark Osegueda just about summed this relationship up by thanking everyone for their years of dedication to the band and inspiring them to do what they do.

I believe that Death Angel will be working on some new material before the end of the year and I very much hope that it brings them back to the West Midlands again soon.

Set List: 1.The Ultra-Violence / Evil Priest 2.Claws in So Deep 3.Father of Lies 4.Caster of Shame 5.Thrown to the Wolves 6.Seemingly Endless Time 7.Breakaway 8.Lost 9.Falling Off the Edge of the World (Black Sabbath cover) 10.Kill as One 11.The Moth

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle