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Rock City, Nottingham 3rd May 2014.

I must confess that Clutch are a band that I have not paid much attention too and have only recently bought their latest album ‘Earth Rocker’. After tonight’s gig I am going to beat myself severely for not getting into them from an earlier age. From the start to the bitter end of the night I was sucked into the awesomeness that is Clutch.


Imagine all of the rock genres cast into one melting pot, Clutch will satisfy the demands of all rock fans. From blues rock to stoner rock to post-hardcore, from metal to grunge, it’s all in there. These American rockers from Maryland really pack a punch on stage.

Neil Fallon - Clutch.

Without a doubt the raw growling vocals of Neil Fallon sets Clutch apart from the pack. For the first couple of songs he played his guitar well, but this was soon put aside to unleash his full animated power of noise. Like an untamed bearded animal Fallon was here there and everywhere commanding whoops and holler’s from the packed out cult-following crowd with many of the chaps sporting equally impressive beards!

Neil Fallon - Clutch

Combine the magnificent guitar work of Tim Sult, thumping bass lines from Dan Maines and Jean-Paul Gaster’s epic drumming and you have an infectious mix of rock that has me now thoroughly converted to the temple of Clutch.

Tim Sault - Clutch

Fellow Marylanders Lionize opened the night winning an appreciative response from the early doors crowd. With a prog style synthesizer keyboard embedded in their groove-heavy hard bluesy rock repertoire, Lionize had no difficulty in warming up the audience with a wildly addictive set. Add in reggae-rock undertones and a great unique sound emerges.


With Nate Bergman on vocals and guitars, Mel Randolph on drums, Henry Upton on bass and vocals, and Chris Brooks on keyboards and vocals, Lionize have just released their newest album ‘Jetpack Soundtrack’. I can easily see how they compliment Clutch on tour and will definitely look out for them again when they come back to the UK.

Nate Bergman - Lionize

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Words and photography by Stephen Turner.