Clockwork Promotions Presents

Clockwork Promotions 11th August 2013

Sevendaze/ Arrows/ My Great Affliction and Resin.

The Flapper Birmingham 11th August 2013.

Tonight is a bit of a double whammy as not only is it Seven Daze’s home coming gig fresh from the success of their tour, but it’s also time to wet the baby’s head for Clockwork Promotions and with three other mighty fine bands also in tonight’s line up, The Flapper is definitely the place to be!

Starting the evening off in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion was the Hinckley based band, Resin. I’ve seen Resin play live on numerous occasions and reflecting back on those past impressive performances whilst comparing them to this evening’s outing at The Flapper, what we witnessed here tonight were five guys reaping the rewards of their own commitment to a band that they are clearly passionate about. Tonight’s outing brought them back onto terra firma after a triumphant performance on the acoustic stage at Bloodstock and albeit that that will be one accomplishment I imagine they will always cherish, tonight’s set saw them giving a stellar performance that I will be applauding for a long time to come. There was also an air of sadness about tonight for me, as it may well be the last time that I see Mark Abbott sitting behind Resin’s drum kit but with this chapter in the Resin story ending on such a high, I’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one to begin!

James Botha - Resin

Our second band of this evening, who were up and ready to roll in no time at all, were the always absorbing, My Great Affliction. MGA are fast becoming a band that really need little introduction, as they’ve made the most of every opportunity out there and wasted no time at all in putting their stamp on the West Midlands unsigned music scene. Their current line up of Ste Gough (Vocals and Guitar), Daz Wright (Bass and backing vocals) and Craig Horobin (drums), must now be coming up to it’s twelve month anniversary and three really has proved to be the magic number for them as the new material that they are writing has a mighty fine edge to it and the proof of that came tonight courtesy of the handsome airings of their newly recorded track ‘Sick and Tired’ along with their performance of the recent video release “Another Man”. I suspect there’s a lot more good stuff still yet to come from My Great Affliction before the end of the year, so do keep an eye on their Facebook page, you don’t want to miss out now do you??

Ste Gough - My Great Affliction

Next band up with the penultimate performance for this evening were Walsall based band Arrows, and yes, you’ve guessed right – lead vocalist and chief guitar dinger in the band, is the one and only, the multi talented and multi tasking, Mr Adam Lavender (AKA Clockwork Promotions) himself! Since the bands inception in March 2012, Adam, Jak and Joe have written their own fable of intently feisty songs that when played live, loose absolutely nothing in translation. Their set tonight included, and to name only a few, ‘Lord Save The Matador’, ‘So Much Silence’ ‘Clockwork’ and one song that really is a must go seek out and have a listen to, ‘Terrorbird’, as this is the primest of examples of the raging craziness that are Arrows! Tonight’s performance was one that was long overdue as sadly I think this may only have been their fourth live performance this year, but good things came to he (and she) who have waited as these guys categorically smashed it!

Adam Lavender - Arrows

Much planning has gone into the setting up and organising of the Seven Daze’s tour, which has already touched down in Kingston, Manchester, Leicester, Doncaster and culminating here tonight with their ultimate homecoming gig. With the band about to take to the stage, one last look around the venue couldn’t fail to warm ya cockles as I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Flapper so full of faces, and with plenty of brand new ‘Crash, Burn, Learn’  T Shirts visible in the crowd, Seven Daze couldn’t have hoped for a greater turn out!

Kenny Jones - Seven Daze

Looking more than just a little happy about the crowds warmest of welcomes as they took to the stage, Seven Daze set about making the most of their thirteen song set which included ‘Taken’, ‘Slaves’ the amazing (and Seven Daze favorite of mine) ‘All About You’ and tour anthem, ‘Crash Burn Learn’. Their time just flew by and with curfew fast approaching; there was only one thing left to do – STAGE INVASION! Hardcore Brummie brothers Insolito were fast to take the lead with many friends and fans not needing to be asked twice. Sometimes you just can’t find the right words to capture the moment and as the last note of the night was played out, one look at the faces of Kenny Jones and crew said everything that no words ever could.

Seven Daze

Sevendaze certainly brought the show home tonight! It really was a wonderful thing to see a near full venue, an audience hell bent on enjoying the night and a great introduction and showcase of what Clockwork Promotions is all about!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.