Clockwork Promotions Presents

Clockwork Promotions 20th October 2013

My Great Affliction/ Bullitstorm/ Valous/ Diamond Lil and Piston.

The Flapper Birmingham 20th October 2013.

Sunday nights at The Flapper in Birmingham are becoming a bit of a regular jaunt for me, especially when faced with the prospect of five great bands, each worthy of headlining status in their own right and all gathered together under one roof!

First up on stage and giving a performance well worthy of the rock ‘n’ roll shaman that they are, were Piston. When it comes to packing in all the crucial ingredients that I enjoy in a live performance, these guys stand out a mile and simply keep going from strength to strength. Tonight’s set from them was laced with their ever present fuel injected intensity and even when faced with the confines of the relatively small stage at The Flapper, they still held nothing back. I believe Piston will be back in the recording studio again shortly, so lots more to look forward to from these guys!

Steve Nunn - Piston

It’s always good to see another side to a band and tonight we had just that opportunity with Diamond Lil’s set tonight presenting the variation from electric to unplugged. The familiar face of Jamie Downes was sadly absent from the stage aswell but with the remaining combined talent of Ellis Wilde, Harry Colley and Austin Miller all proficiently exposing the acoustic undercurrent of Diamond Lil, it was an absolute please to hear such versatility within this band. At the time of this gig, I had no knowledge of the sad news that was set to follow a few days later and informing us that Diamond Lil had reached the end of their journey. With that in mind I’m feeling pretty privileged to have caught their set tonight and many well wishes being sent to Diamond Lil for the future and I hope to catch you all again one day further down the road.

Ellis Wilde - Diamond Lil

Birmingham’s very own Valous took to the stage next and brought along with them their own highly addictive brand of metal. Laden with the fiercesome vocal’s of Mat Shutt and the dual attacking guitar force that is JD and Rig, the metal onslaught that Valous deliver has a momentum all of it’s own. It’s always a pleasure to see a band with such stage presence and personality that easily conquers the audience divide and this is without doubt another quality that Valous posses. With two band brothers from Left For Red taking to the stage aswell, this evening’s set had a life of it’s own that was a force to be reckoned with!

JD and Rig - Valous

Tonight’s gig here at The Flapper had a special meaning to Bullitstorm, as following their recent time in the studio, they had chosen this occasion to mark the release of their new self titled album. With their set list showcasing many of its great tracks and including such epic songs as ‘Flatlined (DNR)’ and ‘Fractured’, it really wasn’t hard to appreciate the 110% that these guys have committed to their music. Tonight’s performance ran high on energy and was rich in ability but that is pretty much always the case with Bullitstorm. For those of you who didn’t catch these guys tonight, go check out some of the album tracks over on their Facebook page or better still get yourselves down to one of their up and coming gigs and pick up a copy in person!

Rob Grosvenor and Graham Benton-Cox - Bullitstorm

Our headliner’s for this evening were the awesome My Great Affliction, who are fast becoming West Midland masters in the long standing tradition of blue blooded rock ‘n’ roll. Ste Gough, Daz Wright and Craig Horobin have had an amazingly productive musical year and with each and every gig that they have performed, their popularity just keeps growing.

Ste Gough - My Great Affliction

Tonight’s gig for Clockwork Promotions was heralded as MGA’s last one for this year as the band are now intending to turn their attention towards a spot of song writing and recording. I, for one am massively looking forward to hearing the outcome’s from this hiatus, along with catching up again with them in the New Year!

My Great Affliction

And there we have it, one class night with five top performances and not much more you could ask for really!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.