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Monster Truck

The Monster Truck tour of the UK, Europe and USA is well underway and we’re pretty chuffed that Jeremy Widerman took time out from a busy schedule to answer a few questions for Toni Reed – here’s how it went:

Monster Truck

For anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of hearing you, how would you describe your sound and what makes you different/stand out from other bands?

After being in a band for 8 years and looking at it under a microscope for that amount of time it’s almost impossible to have an accurate view of how other people perceive the music and vibe. I’ll leave that to people who are far more articulate than I.

Why did you decide to call yourselves Monster Truck?

At the time we chose the name we didn’t really think this band was going to be taken all that serious. It also had a lot to do with the sound we were going for and the fact that no one had taken the name yet. As we grew we had thoughts of changing it but it just seemed to fit the music so perfectly that we let it stick.

You have toured a lot over the years and have shared the stage with an impressive list of bands, including Slash Deep Purple and Nickelback. Who and what has been the most memorable moment so far?

That’s an impossibly hard question. They have all been totally amazing and memorable in all their own ways. The last year has been our best and most memorable year yet just mostly due to the fact that we’ve play the longest stretch of massive shows in the last year. It’s been really fun getting comfortable in the arena setting and we feel pretty ready to take on any size crowd at this point.

If you had the chance to play with anyone, who and where would be your dream gig?

For me personally it would be ACDC I think, however it’s hard not to be overshadowed by such a legendary band so I think the most fun would be to do a full length tour with the Rival Sons.

Checkout the single The Enforcer” taken from the album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’.

The album “Sittin’ Heavy” has been out for a year now, has it been well received?

I think so! Our fans are amazing and seem very keen on it so that’s a positive.

What is your favourite track to play live?

For me it’s New Soul.

You sponsor a girls hockey team, how did that all come about?

We wanted to do something that gave back to the community but also something that we are really interested in…. HOCKEY!! It was a great experience I think for everyone involved and something we look forward to doing again in the future!

Last time you were in Nottingham with Nickelback you had a training session with the Panthers, are you planning on doing the same when you’re back here again?

I hope so. Getting out on the ice like that to start the day is a great way to get those endorphins running and break up the monotony of touring.

Do you have any advice for any budding musicians out there?

Write music that you love first. Don’t worry about other people.

What’s next for Monster Truck after the current tour?

Touring with Deep Purple in Europe!

Big thanks going out to Jeremy for taking time out to answering our questions – good times and a safe journey, wished for the remainer of the European & USA tour!

Mar 29 – Bochum – Rockpalast
Mar 30 – Berlin – Privatclub
Mar 31 – Munich – Strom
Apr 01 – Amsterdam – Melkweg Theatre
Apr 03 – Paris – La Maroquinerie
Apr 05 – London – 100 Club

Apr 30 – Jacksonville, FL – Welcome To Rockville
May 07 – Charlotte, NC – Carolina Rebellion
May 14 – Somerset, WI – Northern Invasion
May 20 – Columbus, OH – Rock On The Range
Interview by Toni Reed.

Tickets are on sale for all shows visit ilovemonstertruck.

Interview By Toni Reed.


Interview With The Band..

We last spoke with Marc Malone from Torous in the summer of 2015 and since then life has continued to travel at full speed for the band, so it was good to catch up again with Marc plus GMT and Tom, to find out how life has been treating them since then and look at what this year holds for Torous.


Hi guys – good to speak with you again! When we had our last chinwag things were very busy for the band following on from the launch of the EP ‘Dried Bones’ and there was also a Winter tour on the horizon. Looking back would you say 2015 was a good year for the band overall?

Marc: Yes I would. I’d say 2015 was really the first year for the band, as 2014 was just setting up the ground work. The ‘Dried Bones’ EP was our first proper release and even though we have grown again since, I’m still very proud of it and the fact we didn’t conform to 3 minute singles just to get more radio play or Spotify hits which can always be tempting when you know you can write those songs if you wanted to. But, we do this as a therapy for ourselves first and foremost and release the music that moves us – and I think 2015 proved that other people were moved by it too. The first Tour went great and the subsequent Tours got better every time. We had a shitty end to the year with our gear being stolen and some personal issues of my own, but it made us more determined than ever to make 2016 a good year.

2016 has already seen Torous release a new EP ‘Paint The Sky’ back in February. What inspired the band to do an acoustic EP?

GMT: I suppose we were not trying to drag up the past, we weren’t in a position (because of the gear) to do the single or EP we wanted at the time. Time and funds were against us but we had the songs, the ideas and wanted to follow it through. We liked it, people liked it, plus it was different to what we usually do.

And bringing us bang up to date, we now have a fantastic new single from the band ‘God Game Suicide’ which really is an intriguing title. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

Marc: Well, they are really the core of life, at least my life anyway. God, which you can take as a metaphor or literally, being the hidden hand, the creator, the unseen force at work for ends you may not understand. Then the Game, which is life everyday. Everyday is a day of chance and our decisions that day create a fork in the road which will determine the next day; “What game is it that we play?”. Finally, Suicide, which really just means death, as every day we commit a sort of slow suicide through our choices and actions, a result of the consequences of the God and the Game. Greatest thing about it in my opinion is that everybody’s God, Game & Suicide could be completely different so it’s what those things represent to you.

Torous also have a new video for ‘God Game Suicide’ which we are chuffed to bits to feature for you – can you tell us a little bit about the making of it?

Tom: Our good friends, Lisa and Rob of Billibee Creative Limited came down to record for us, they did a great job of filming us at our rehearsal studio doing we what do – rocking out.

At the risk of seeming greedy, are there plans for any more new music from the band?

Tom: There are plans, but our priority right now is to pursue this single through the next Tour and work with our label, Holier Than Thou, to reach more people.

And what about live dates, when can we expect to see Torous back on the road again?

Marc: We are gonna be announcing another Tour which will be in August. We really have a killer line up planned on many of the shows, but particularly our home show in Brum, as the promoters have allowed us to hand pick our supports. This Tour will also see new tricks and ideas on stage we haven’t attempted before. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be the best live act we can be.

Big thanks going out to Torous for taking time out to answer our questions and shining a light on 2016 and we look forward to seeing you live again in August!

Interview by Sue Wardle with Photography by Billibee Creative.


Support Mushroomhead UK Tour.

After recently reviewing Sanguine’s album ‘Black Sheep’, it was great to see that the band had been picked as main tour support for Mushroomheads UK tour.


Before Sanguine took to the stage at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham, we grabbed a chat with female lead singer and founding member Tarin and second vocalist and guitarist Nick, who I’d say is the driving force for the band, on all their social media formats, as he’s very active online – ‘here’s what they had to say’.

Interview by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)