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These Wicked Rivers

These Wicked Rivers II – EP Review.

They have returned, with another great EP! Derbyshire based rock band These Wicked Rivers are due to release their second selection of musical art which will not disappoint. These Wicked Rivers ‘II’ will be a great addition to anybody’s music collection with a selection of songs that will make you want to let your hair down and rock!!!

These Wicked River - EP II

These Wicked Rivers ‘II’ starts as it means to go on, with ‘Wicked Rivers Blues‘ being the first track on the EP. This track is smooth and prepares you for what’s to come. With more catchy tracks like ‘That Girl‘ and ‘Testify‘, these songs will appeal to anyone who has a taste for rock, with great vocals from John Hartwell, face melting guitar from Arran Day, thundering bass from Jon Hallam and last but not least amazing drums by Dan Southhall, this EP has a amazing sound that can be enjoyed by rockers of all ages.

The EP will be launched on 28th April 2017 at the Hairy Dog in Derby, so if you are out and about in the Midlands area, get yourself down there for a good night. This band don’t just Know how to release a good EP oh no, they also know how to put on an awesome show!!

So don’t just take my word for it get, check these guys out and don’t forget to get your copy of ‘II’ and get ROCKING!!!!

Watch ‘These Wicked Rivers’ performing ‘Don’t Pray For Me’ LIVE at Skegness Rock and Blues 24/01/2016

Track Listing is as follows: 1.Wicked River Blues 2.Stones Painted Gold 3.That Girl 4.When The War Is Won 5.Testify 6.Put Me On Trial (For Who I Am) 7.Don’t Pray For Me

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Review by Matthew York.

Fires That Divide

‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ – EP Release Date 1.9.16.

In only a very short space in time, the West Midlands based band Fires That Divide have established themselves as being an up and coming band to look out for, and their new EP ‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ is definitely another step up that ladder to success.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the EP’s title and I’m guessing there’s a story to be told there but as for the songs themselves, well very little explanation is needed as they all speak the language of rock fluently!

John Lee, Bullet & Love - Fires That Divide

The EP consists of four songs with ‘Coherence’ making for a very impressive opening track. This track blasts itself forwards along the smouldering edge of heaviness and wraps itself beautifully around the soaring riffs and melodic harmonies that characterize Fires That Divide’s signature sound and sets out high expectations for the next three tracks that are to follow.

I have to say that as good as ‘Coherence’ is, it was the second track on the EP ‘Mr Philosophy’ that took this EP to another level for me. Here we have a song that casts its own net into the blazing guitar riffs and rhythms reminiscent of bands such as Velvet Revolver and Audioslave and when combined with some of the best vocals that I’ve ever heard from Kirk Shuttleworth, the whole experience made for my favourite track on the EP.

The remaining two tracks deliver an interesting contrast in regards to each other as the third song of the EP ‘Vector Man‘ starts by creating the illusion of a light and beautiful lament whilst the fourth and final track which is entitled ‘Mary Scotch’, carries a little darkness in its soul but having said that, there is no mistaking that as both of these tracks independently grow, they both consistently capture that hard rocking feel which Fires That Divide own.

Having seen and enjoyed watching Fires That Divide play live on several occasions, I hadn’t expected to learn as much about their sound and where their future vision lies as I did through listening to ‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’, so it’s fair to say that this EP certainly delivered the ‘WOW’ factor for me and I can‘t wait to hear what comes next!

‘John Lee, Bullet & Love’ is available to purchase now through itunes or amazon and I would highly recommend checking it out.

Track Listing is as follows: 1. Coherence 2. Mr Philosophy 3. Vector Man 4. Mary Scotch

Review by Sue Wardle.

The Black Hounds

‘Gallows’ – EP review.

If you’re looking to add some classy heavy rock/metal to your collection and haven’t yet become acquainted with The Black Hounds, then their latest EP release ‘Gallows’ is the perfect opportunity to gain that introduction, as here we have a creation that is definitely borne from the loins of four very talented musicians.


Hailing from the West Midlands, Ant Wright (Vocals + guitar) , Luke Winship (Guitar), Tom Fellows (Bass) and Joe Cleaver (Drums) have become familiar faces on the music scene over many a year past, having cut their canines in a few firm favourite bands of mine including The Whiskey Syndicate and My Great Affliction and without doubt, all that experience has now been placed firmly in the entity known as The Black Hounds.

‘Gallows’ is a four track EP which delivers the kind of experience that makes you wish it was an album, as these four tracks do get under your skin quickly and despite all of the tracks possessing those monumental riffs, vocals and rhythms synonymous to this band, they also all hold their own individual identity.

The opening song and title track of the EP, starts by setting quite a melodic scene but a ballad this is not, as it erupts into an almighty intense experience driven by the primeval rhythms of Joe Cleaver on drum. This song also has a story to be told and Ant Wright certainly makes for a master storyteller in his delivery.

The next two tracks ‘I Animal’ and ‘Generation Forgotten’ follow well in the opening songs footsteps, as they equally deliver that fist full of fury amongst a blaze of intensely rich melody and adrenaline.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Clarity’ which is most fitting as this track reigns down a solid and perfectly executed shower of hard rock that has become the signature characteristic of The Black Hounds. This song was originally written a few years back and even though it has been a regular highlight in the bands live performances, it was yet to be recorded so I’m pretty chuffed to find that it’s finally made the cut, as it’s an absolute scorcher!

The EP as a whole is so well recorded that with each listening of it, a new aspect within each track is unveiled and if I were to pick a favourite track from it, albeit that that is a difficult call to make, I would say that ‘Clarity’ is definitely a repeat player in my book.

You can catch the Black Hounds out on tour from September through to November and I highly recommend that you do as not only are you guaranteed a great live performance but you will also have the chance to purchase a copy of ‘Gallows’ at the same time!

Review by Sue Wardle.