Black Acid Souls

Zombie Hut Corby 20th March 2015.

Tonight we were invited all the way down to Corby to a new venue for us, the Zombie Hut which is located on the Rockingham Road – and that says it all really! It’s a pretty cool rock venue which shares a space with the local rugby club and looking around the venue I could see that it’s a popular venue for metal bands to play at, as I recognised many familiar names who we’ve regularly enjoyed watching and reviewing. If it wasn’t so far away and had slightly better stage lighting, I’d probably consider going to more shows at this venue but who knows!

The first band up tonight, I’m gonna call them TBC’d, simply because that’s what it said on the gig flyer and also for the fact that the lead singer tried making me look a dick during their set. There’s a saying ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds’ and for this reason I can’t be arsed to find out anything about them or waste any more of my precious time talking about them.

My best mates Fury were part of tonight’s line up and they too had made the long journey from Worcester to play tonight’s gig in Corby, they even stayed right to the very end to show their support for Black Acid Souls, which speaks volumes and solidifies my belief that these are some of the nicest guys in metal.

Julian Jenkins - Fury

For my troubles and getting down here tonight, I was awarded with a new track from these guys, called “Star Trippin”, which continues to tell a story that started with the track “Out Beyond the Stars”, which features on the band’s latest album ‘The Lightning Dream’. The band have got a busy year ahead of them with many shows already scheduled in, so be sure to check out their Facebook page and website for more information. I love this band so much, they will be big one day, they’ve got the stage show to support playing larger shows, they’ve even got the long pause between guitar change overs covered, as I saw tonight, when Jake the snake ripped into a masterful guitar solo, keeping us all entertained! Seriously, check um out!

Jake Beesley - Fury

Rest of the set consisted of: In To The Dark, Star Trippin’, Warrior’s Prayer, Out Beyond The Stars, Britannia, Prince Of Darkness, Haul Away and Drunken Sailor.

Black Acid Souls have been a little quiet of late, mainly because they’ve been locked away in the Studio along with the legendary producer Mr. Tsangardes, recording their new album ‘Shadow Walker’. We were lucky enough to be given a promo copy of the new album ahead of its official release date in May and after giving it several listens in a row, I can safely say this album will be received greatly as it has some awesome tracks on it. Personal favourites so far are ‘Bitter Taste Sweet’ and ‘Fight Back’, the later of which is an absolute belter, with some great air guitar moments in there aswell!

Tonight’s gig was the first time I’d been introduced to the bands new guitarist Zed. Fans of the band who’ve yet to see him in action, all I can say is he’s a very competent guitar player and you’ll not be left disappointed!

Zed - Black Acid Souls

I was a little shocked to see Dean the bands vox master, come onto the stage in his pants tonight and when I asked the reason why, he stated ‘If my girl friend wasn’t at the front, I was going to strip off’ thankfully, she saved us all the embarrassment of watching Dean’s bollox for an hour or so long set! ahhh… young love!

Flakey - Black Acid Souls

Chubbs was on another level tonight too, with his guitar playing being second to non, a very talented young man indeed, who loves to stick his very long tongue out – a lot…

Chubbs - Black Acid Souls

Hearing the new stuff live really helped me to understand this new album as the live setting is were it’s at – but we all know that and I’d strongly suggest getting yourselves a copy when it comes out in May, as it’s a work of art!

Hoff - Black Acid Souls

Until next time music fans!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)