Conjuring The Dead – Album Review.

For those who are unaware of Belphegor, they are a Black/Death metal band from the little country of Austria. Forming in 1993, and now releasing their 10th opus, “Conjuring the dead”. I, for one, was unaware but quickly got myself acquainted with this black metal outfit and I have to say, I was pleasently surprised.


Lead single/opening track “Gasmask Terror” lays it all out from the very start with its frantic riffing and demonic screams making you feel rather uncomfortable as if you were entering the fiery gates of hell. And the discomfort doesn’t stop there….

Now, black metal is not my thing at all but I am a fan of the atmosphere it can create at times and there are several examples on “Conjuring the dead”, notably on the track ‘Rex Tremendae Majestatis’ with its string and acoustic passages which really got me hooked as it is a really effective dynamic that conjures all manner of evil vibes.

And its not all break neck speed, there are some really tasty riffs that you can grasp and grooves that will get you head banging as well as the usual blast/thrash beats that build an intensity that is perhaps more a kin to the style of metal.

After a soothing, almost classic metal sounding instrumental (The Eyes) ‘Legions of Destruction’ smashes you like a sledge hammer right in the temple and is quickly followed by one of the most terrifying moments on the album – ‘Lucifer, take her’ where a female guest appearence screams add even more fear to an already frightening tale, brilliant stuff.

The album closes in style with ‘Pactum in Aeternum’ – acoustic guitars, twisted sound effects and creepy vocals leaving this reviewer, slightly disturbed and confused….maybe black metal could be for me after all.


The Purple Piper.