With Support From Line Of Fire and Cambion.
The Hairy Dog Derby 4th April 2014.

All the fours! Tonight’s gig was sensibly held on a Friday night, which is actually a rarity these days, with most bands opting to play mid-week shows? It’s beyond me!

Dubbed the Weekend Warriors Tour, Beholder have put together a cracking line up, with Cambion being main support, who will continue to play around the UK for the tours duration. They’ve then opted to draft in a local band, from where ever it is they’ll be playing to also support. Tonight’s other support band just so happens to be local rockers Line of Fire.

I’m well acquainted with Line of Fire, however, every time I see them, they simply get better! Local lads Paddy, Dave, Baz and Rod have found a formula that works and are really establishing themselves as being a ‘go to’ band for gigs as they are reliable, passionate about their music, the scene in general and they are all great guys, who are more than happy to stick around before and after a gig, to chat with anyone and everyone.

Line Of Fire.

I’ve described these guys many times over, but I’ll repeat for the benefit of any new readers. Line of Fire produce a concoction of sounds, but primarily feature the ever popular southern rock groove. You can’t help nod your head, tap ya foot, slap ya leg even bang ya head on some tracks. The talents of Dave and Paddy on the guitars is easily apparent, who lick some amazing riffs, but its Baz on the bass that sets the tone. As he is also the lead vocalist, he stands there, front and centre, with his “massive” bass guitar which he almost plays like its a guitar. His style of playing really is unique amongst the other bass players I’ve come across recently, which really helps to distinguish the bands sound. Another great aspect I associate with this band is the amount of fun they have on stage whilst playing, which is clearly evident in the pictures I take at each and every show!

Line Of Fire

Until next time guys, which isn’t that far off, as they are competing in the Metal to the Masses again, which see’s the winners of regional heats going on to play Bloodstock Open Air Festival, in August. This year they have been drawn to play heat 3, held at the notorious Intake Club in Mansfield, on the 10th of May (I believe?)

Track list consisted of; 1. Say Tomorrow  2. Life Time Alone  3. (new track) One War  4. Fook Me and 5. Wrong Side (of the Tracks) which is still a personal favourite!

Cambion next, who’d travelled a bloody long way to play Derby tonight as home for these guys is Devon, Exeter and the surrounding areas. Our paths have crossed before and I last saw them play at Metal Gods Festival in 2013 but their line up has since changed for the better, I might add. The band now consists of Elliot on lead guitar and vocals, Marc on rhythm guitar, Jonny on bass and Frank on drums. These guys are great, with a technically progressive sound, that’s reminiscent of bands like Mastadon, but with a much more metallic, metal sound, similar to that of Meshuggah. If I say they are great, then ok, but if the metal might that is Simon Hall say’s they are great, and he knows what he’s talking about, then people will start to take note. I briefly spoke with Simon about Cambion who, for such a young band, know how to write some great music. Simon is so impressed with these guys that he’s agreed to part manage the band, along side of Rachael, the bands current manager. Well, you can’t get any better endorsement than that!


Tonight was a perfect display of metal music as it should be played as Cambion ploughed through a powerful and mesmerising set that was full of emotion. You have to see it for yourself and the opportunity to do so couldn’t be easier, as they continue on with Beholder and will also be playing Bloodstock this year, so I’m looking forward to seeing them there, virgin or not, I’m filling my boots!


Before tonight’s gig, I’d arranged to meet with Simon, for an interview.. and having interviewed him before and fucked it up completely, I was determined to get it right this time! Being such an influential member of the metal community, I spoke with him at length to discover who he really is as a person, what he does in the music industry and what the band Beholder are all about. Whether I achieved that or not, I’ll let you be the judge, but I thought our interview went well and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it! Watch it HERE!


Before the gig, was a real blast, lots of joking and drinking took place, which was nice to be apart of. Having not played a live show in seven months, tonight was Beholders first outing since extensively touring the UK off the back of their last album release, ‘The Order of Chaos’. Ever the professional’s, it didn’t take them long to find their groove and soon had The Hairy Dog rocking in true Beholder fashion, they even got the crowd singing along to their “By Request” set list, well, if its good enough for Metallica, its good enough for these British flag bearing metal heads! We were even given an exclusive airing of two new tracks tonight, one of which having the title ‘The Frozen Steps of Utoya’ which may or may not feature on the bands new album that is currently being  working on. After hearing it, I instantly shouted out, “That has to go on the next album!!” as it’s lyrical content holds true to Beholder’s style, but the musical content is powerful and is a great moshing track. Simon actually goes into more detail in our interview, so don’t forget to check it out!


Although some band called UB40 were playing in Nottingham tonight, fans had travelled all the way from South Wales for tonight’s gig proving that those in attendance really wanted to be their, showing their support for these true British metal giants who wear their hearts on their sleeves!


I won’t be telling you the full set list from tonight’s gig, I’ll just keep that as a surprise for all you guys who’ll be watching the up and coming live shows on the Weekend Warriors Tour!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)