Stoke Prior Worcestershire 26th August 2017.

So the 6th Beermageddon is upon us and our annual pilgrimage to Bromsgrove is imminent. Sadly, I could only make the Saturday, of this three day event, well four unofficially, as most people arrive on the Thursday to get set up and start the August Bank Holiday early.

As this festival runs until the Sunday, that means everyone gets Monday off, to get home and relax before work on the Tuesday. How thoughtful. As always, the weather was fantastic this weekend but I always find the weather calms down towards the end of summer. If I was to put on a festival, I’d do it towards the end of summer, rather than at the beginning, but that’s because I’ve lived in the UK all my life and know how volatile the British weather can be. You’re safe though, I’m not brave enough to put on a festival, but I’d love to try! haha!

As I was only here for the day, I thought I’d get down early to make the most of it. On arrival, I was greeted with many familiar faces, one such face, I’m always happy to see is our Clare Watkins-Gallar of Project Alpha TV, who took me straight over to the stall, where her husband and master chef had brought two amazing cakes along with him, that he’d baked to raise money for a worthy charity. Naturally I purchased a slice, the orange flavored one, as the other cake was a nine layered monster. I don’t think my stomach could of handled that much cake, but I heard many tried! Well done sir!

Although Beermageddon has sold out every year, since it started six years ago, it appeared busier this year. Maybe that had something to do with yet another amazing line-up. I wish I could have made it down on the Friday, as it sounded like a right laugh.

As it fell on the 25th of August, Jim thought it apt to bring forward Christmas, 4 months early, which provided everyone with this years fancy dress ideas. I hear people even managed to cook Christmas dinners with only camping gear, which is pretty impressive but they did it and Beermageddon provided all the trimmings, a tree and even the decorations!

This years game was pass the parcel, which was basically alcohol (like every year) wrapped up. These are just some of the many reasons this festival is so unique.

When everyone’s together it really is like one big happy family, which gets bigger every year!

Many new faces this year, only increasing the family even further. I’ve even seen this years youngest member, at a mere 1 year old, who was actually conceived at Beermageddon 2016……how many festivals can say they’ve had children conceived at their festivals, not many, I bet!

We say, visit Beermageddon online and follow them on facebook.

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)