Bad Touch

‘Half Way Home’.

Bad Touch have been together for five years doing gigs around the UK, however “Half Way Home” is there first debut album.They were a band that not many people had heard of to begin with, but as the years have passed they have gained more and more fans by playing a variety of venues ranging from small pubs to the stages of Download. It clearly shows they have a sound that appeals to people across so many music genres and to all ages too.

Bad Touch - Half Way Home

The first album has made a great starting point for the band, the look of the album cover alone is great quality and makes you want to pick this album up! The cover uses more earthy colours, they’re not the kind of colours that are in your face but mixed with the cross roads sign-post it looks the part and looks like it has a story to tell.

‘Wise Water’ is the first track on the album and this track was the first single to be released from their debut album. The song is upbeat and progressive, it’s a very catchy song with a great electric guitar riff and a nice drum beat which gives it an old school rock feel and makes a great start to this Half Way Home album.

‘Waste My Time’ is the second song off the album and it’s also a catchy number which gets you tapping your feet to the beat of the drums.The way George plays the drums in this song gives it a classic rock feel which with the catchy guitar riffs and the mellow bass playing perfectly to the beat, makes for a great classic sound. There are also some good vocals as the singer has a relaxed voice with a lot of power making him easy to listen to – not just in this song but throughout the whole album.

‘A New Day’ is the next track which starts out slower than the previous tracks but when you hit the chorus it then picks up more pace. The best part of this song would have to be the lyrics as well as the vocals from Stevie but the sound of the drums and guitar help bring this track together and as you hit the end of the song there is also a great guitar solo.

‘Halfway Home’ being the track the album is named after, defiantly does it justice. It is one of the slower tracks on the album and it delivers some great lyrics and vocals with meaning and this is another song that contains a really nice guitar solo. This song is about being lost and trying to find yourself.

‘Motherload’ is next up and another great song with a great guitar riff. This song has a nice rhythm to it from the drums and again it has some strong vocals. It also has a catchy chorus which is used to wrap up the track towards the end.

‘Preacher’ is the next track on the album and is led by the vocals. It is another slow starting song that kicks it up a notch at the chorus. This track also contains some great riffs throughout.

‘Something Someone’ is one of those songs that tugs at the emotions and it conveys a lot through the vocals and lyrics. It also has a great guitar solo, the drums also sound good too and everything together makes for a good song.

‘Sweet Little Secret’ – the vocals, drums and guitar are all strong in this track and yet another song with a catchy chorus although the chorus is slower than the other songs on the album, but just as good.

‘No Excuse’ is another song that starts out slower but is another emotional song with a lot of emotion put into the lyrics and vocals. It does however pick up some speed around half way through the song.

‘Good On Me’ is a more upbeat song mainly about wearing women’s jeans! It’s both funny and catchy making it a song you could be stuck singing for hours. It has a nice guitar riff and the drums help set the pace for this song and keep the rhythm – it’s a good and catchy song.

‘Words I Never Said’ has strong vocals which are to be expected being as it’s the last song on the album and it’s a great song to finish a great album.

Over all, the album is fantastic and I can’t fault it. If this is anything to go by then Bad Touch hold a lot of promise for the future. This classic turn on rock with a hint of blues is a great sound for the band and if I was to suggest this album to anybody, then it would be to Led Zeppelin fans. I can’t wait to see what Bad Touch have got planned for the future but I don’t think they will disappoint.

If I was to rate this album, I would defiantly mark it a 10/10 and I would try and convince anyone to give this album a listen as it is defiantly worth it.

Review by Matthew York.