Bad Touch

It was pretty cool to catch up with Bad Touch at RockWich 2015 as these guys are no strangers to Music224. Here’s what Toni and the band chatted about…

Toni and Bad Touch

For those that don’t know Bad Touch, explain a little about yourselves and what you do? How did you decide on Bad Touch as a name?

I’m Steve, I’m the singer

I’m Seeks, I play guitar

I’m George, I play the drums

I’m Bailey, I’m the bassist

I’m Rob, I play guitar

Steve – We still don’t know the answer, we change it everytime to keep people guessing. I like to think it’s because when we were a lot younger, we were listening to Bad Company and things like that, we wanted to call ourselves Bad Company but couldn’t so had to change it slightly. It’s just an adolescent name we came up with.

Rob – At least it’s difficult to forget, that’s one good thing.

Your debut Album “Half Way Home” was released earlier this year, how do you work together getting the lyrics and the music right?

Steve – It really is a group effort, a lot of bands have a sole songwriter or a sole lyricist but we literally, just go from day to day things we read on food packets and things and we work on it together and it evolves. Sometimes I’ll write some lyrics and then George will write some lyrics.

Seeks – Someone will have an idea of a song and then the rest of the band finish it.

Steve – We all come from different walks of life and you think I’m stuck for a line, I can’t think about where it should go or how the chorus should develop, and someone says let’s do this and it sounds so obvious, why didn’t I think of it. Different people have different ideas – it’s a nice way to write.

What is your favourite song to play live?

Steve – All of them

Seeks – Timewarp

Steve – I like Motherload, Motherload is fun.

Rob – Straight up isn’t it.

Seeks – Very fun to play

Steve – Anything from our debut album Halfway home

You have had a fantastic year, touring with Quireboys, Tyketto, Electric Boys and Bonafide and played many festivals including Degeneration, Download, Steelhouse, Wildfire and Winter Rocks. What has been the highlight so far?

Steve – It has to be Download, bet you was feeling that answer before we said it really.

Seeks – Anyone in a rock band, it’s their dream isn’t it?

Steve – I just thought it was like the UK’s biggest rock festival but it’s the biggest one in the world. It was amazing to think that we’d done it.

Rob – And to be fair to them, they treated us like kings.

Steve – Yeah, it was really funny cos when we got there a pick up turned up as soon as we had parked, unloaded our van and then drove off. We were like is this normal? Obviously, we hoped they were going to our stage then a minbus picked us up to take us to the stage. It sounds really mundane but for us we are used to loading all our gear ourselves.

Seeks – We even got a dressing room

Rob – We got to stay for the whole day, so got to see loads of bands

George – And a lot of free Red Bull

Steve – Because we were on the Red Bull stage

Who are you looking forward to seeing today?

Seeks – Texas Flood

Steve – Yeah, love Texas Flood, well everyone really – I don’t know everyone who’s playing.

Seeks – Yeah, I only know a few bands on the bill

Steve – I love soaking it all up really, live music good bad or ugly, it all helps your musical body.

Any words of wisdom/advice to any new and upcoming bands?

Steve – We are an upcoming band

Seeks – Don’t quit

Steve – My grandad always said, the only difference between the people who make it and the people who don’t, are the people who quit. And that’s very true because if you do just keep doing it the law of averages says the monkeys with the typewriters, you’re going to get somewhere. No matter which way you go about it, just playing your local area or whatever, just keep doing it and then eventually you’ll think right I’ve done this, lets do something else. They know it’s hard at the start and they expect the easiness to come.

Seeks – It gets harder doesn’t it?

Steve – Yes, it gets harder, it’s not the other way around.

Seeks – It’s hard work

Steve – People think it gets easier the longer your together but it doesn’t, it gets harder. If you love it and you want to do it, you do it.

What’s next for Bad Touch?

Steve – Back to Norwich tomorrow to play Brickfest, that’s kind of our local venue so that’s always fun.

Seeks – We are doing Snakecharmer tour in November and hopefully we’ll be back out on the road beginning of next year.

Steve – We are still writing

Seeks – Yes, always writing, we are working on stuff for the next album but we don’t know when we are going to do it.

Steve – We are all really excited about it, because the stuff we are writing at the minute personally, we all think is the best stuff we’ve written and you have got to maintain that.

Seeks – It’s like, we are holding it back but release it with the album.

Steve – Yeah we are desperate to play these songs in front of people but we decided this time lets promote the album and then do it right. It’s all a learning curve, we get it wrong, learn from what you should or you shouldn’t do.

Where do you buy your Jeans?

Steve – There was some sneaky paparazzi action yesterday in Next, caught us in the ladies section.

Seeks – Most of mine are your hand me downs

Steve – Yeah to be fair we buy from e-bay, I’ve got a slightly smaller hip size to Seeks and he’s got a slightly larger one to mine so if I get jeans that are too big for me, I give them to him and vicer versa.

Many thanks to Bad Touch for taking the time out to talk to us and we hope to see you again back on tour, soon.

Interview by Toni Reed and Photography by Neil Reed.