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27th May, De Montfort Hall, Leicester
Three Stages, One Iconic Venue and a whole lot of metal!

With the epic festival fast approaching, Uprising is thrilled to announce the final bands for a line-up that should already have any true metal head foaming in anticipation. With Irish black metal legends Primordial already announced as event headliners and with the Greek grunge/punk whirlwind that is Barb Wire Dolls headlining the second stage, this is one event that should be firmly emblazoned into the embers of your calendars.

The Night Before

Added to the iconic main stage are local Leicester legends,and previous Metal 2 the Masses winners Resin whose unique brand of melodic and yet fearsomely heavy grunge has earned them a dedicated following. The band are opening the main event after the Leicester Metal 2 the Masses winner is announced, and are guaranteed to get people in the mood. Check out the stunning ‘persecution complex’ EP for a taste of what this band is about and make damn sure you get to the festival early because you’ll be kicking yourself for days if you miss it.

Meanwhile, the second stage has gained three amazing acts. Bruising Midlands sludge warlords The Darkhorse, former Bloodstock, Mammothfest and Mosh Against Cancer favourites whose epic new album ‘The carcass of the sun will sleep’ is snapping necks everywhere, will bring their demonically heavy low-end rumble to Leicester. Also added are the mighty Divine Chaos, an intense band whose crushing technicality is matched only by the sheer ferocity of their live presence. You would truly be foolish to miss them, ask anyone that saw them destroy the Sophie stage at Bloodstock last year! Last, but most certainly not least, are doom favourites Witchsorrow, whose last album, ‘No Light, Only Fire’, is considered a masterpiece of the doom genre. A compelling act on stage, the band will douse the sunlight with a performance that is sure to be memorable.


Previously announced acts include Onslaught official, Lawnmower Deth, Kill II This, Dave McPherson (InMe acoustic ), Boss Keloid and Hærken and the festival will also host the region’s Metal 2 The Masses final during the afternoon, acts TBC.

Tickets are astonishing value at £25 and that’s including postage to your door and zero booking fee, grab yours now here:

That, however, is not all. On Sunday 28th May, Aftermath will provide the kind of after party that most festivals can only dream of. With guest headliners Courtesans (who play Bloodstock this year), as well as the legendary Mage (former BOA stars), Welcome Back Delta, Black In Sun, Codex Alimentarius, Obzidian and Deified all joining a line-up that truly represents the cream of the current underground metal scene, this FREE ENTRY gig will take place in Leicester’s respected Firebug venue. This is how all metal festivals should look, with an eye on the underground and a finger on the pulse of the metal scene and it provides the perfect antidote to post-Uprising blues.


Getting into Leicester early? Well warm up at Firebug! Internal Conflict, Witch Tripper, Garganjua and Ramage Inc all Bloodstock Festival alumni get the Uprising weekend underway and it’s free entry if you have an Uprising ticket!
UPRISING will be held at De Montfort Hall, Leicester on 27th May 2017. Full details are available here, Keeping you up to date.

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Hils Ovation

Tonight’s Hils Ovation gig see’s me heading back to the O2 Academy3 Birmingham for a night in the company of Glory Fades, Inclosure, Beckon Lane, Lynus and the amazing, Captain Horizon! And it was Glory Fades who had the pleasure of getting tonight’s show underway and I can’t begin to imagine what the mix of nerves and adrenaline must have been like for them, as this was also their first ever live performance aswell! In the company of a keen and supportive audience, the bands rock rolled freely and it was easy to be caught up in the great vibe and enthusiasm that was obvious throughout their set. As far as new and up and coming bands go, I think Glory Fades are set for high times indeed and I shall definitely look forward to seeing them again.

Brandon Paskin - Glory Fades

Our second set of the show was delivered by the Birmingham based band, Inclosure and the first thing that jumped out at me about this band, was that for three guys, they pack an impressive punch! Lead guitarist Jordan Parton has the kind of on stage energy that is addictive to watch and he also has the skills to match as tonight, the riffs just flowed from his strings. The band have quite a few gigs coming up over the next few months, so make sure to check out their Facebook page for details of all their forthcoming events!

Jordan Parton - Inclosure

With Crimson Star sadly having to step down from tonight’s line up, it was pretty cool to have the Nottingham based band Beckon Lane added to tonight’s bill at such short notice, especially as this was their debut gig in Birmingham aswell. First impressions generally pave the way for future interest and with such a full and resounding heaviness to the bands sound, I think it’s fair to say that Birmingham welcomed them warmly with open arms. May 5th will see Beckon Lane taking part in Nottingham’s Metal 2 The Masses Semi-finals, so all the very best wished to these guys on the road to Bloodstock.

Lewis Phillis - Beckon Lane

Our next band of the night were Lynus and it’s always a pleasure to catch this band live as they really do seem to have found that magic ingredient that simply makes them stand out on just about every stage they set foot on. And tonight’s set from the band had an extra bonus aswell in the form of two new tracks in their set list ‘Feeling Nothing’ and ‘Foot in Mouth’ which are new releases this year and if these songs are anything to go by, 2017 is going to be a pretty outstanding year for Lynus!

Justin Griffiths - Lynus

It’s been said a hundred times over that the West Midlands has a thriving music community but one band whose contribution makes it all that much richer are our headliners of the night, Captain Horizon. With this being their first gig of the year, to say I had been looking forward to it is an understatement but as always, the music was well worth the wait. Tonight’s awesome set list included many songs spanning across the bands nine year existence but the ultimate highlight of the night for me was to hear the title track of their 2011 EP, ’Radiostasis’ as this song really is in a league of it’s own.

Steve Whittington - Captain Horizon

A line up such as the one we saw tonight, is one that simply works well together and I’m pretty chuffed to be able to tell you that you can catch Glory Fades, Lynus and Inclosure all together again, when they will be supporting Free Sun Rising at The Giffard Arms Wolverhampton on May 13th – so get that date in your diary!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Witch Tripper

The Sitwell Tavern, Derby 08.04.17

Tonight was a United in Fuzz event, which is actually the brain child of Witch Trippers very own bassist, Chris Stoff Daughton, which I early learned tonight! I once thought the music scene in Derby, was non existent but tonight’s gig kind of proved me wrong, which I’m happy about. Many local bands, like Raptorgeist turned out to show their support.

Chris Stoff Daughton - Witch Tripper

First up, where another local band who go by the name, Lodestone, who I sadly missed. Anyone who knows me, knows I usually turn up for all the acts on a bill and I’m quite proud of that fact but sadly I missed these guys playing. When quizzed by the band later on, they seemed a little miffed by the fact I wouldn’t be giving them any exposure on our website etc. Truth is, I’ve never heard of these guys, even with them being a local band. If band’s want to get exposure, surely, they should do some homework, know who’s actively promoting bands and make themselves known? All I can do is apologise and hope to catch you at another event, soon!

Following them, where Sound of Origin from Huddersfield. I’ve been reliably informed, these guys are very much in their infancy, however they have a very good base to work from. My initial reaction was these guys reminded me of early Alice in Chains, thanks to the swagger and arrogance of the bands lead singer, John. The bands bassist, Jax, initially looked bored whilst playing his instrument but as soon as I got the camera out, he soon perked up! A solid performance all round and plenty of riffs! There was a particular track that got every bodies attention, sadly I didn’t catch the name of it, but I’ll be sure to try and re-discover it, somehow.

John Bussey - Sound of Origin

I’ve become quite close to the next band up tonight, Black Chapter. Although they too are a relatively new band, they haven’t wasted any time in getting out there to play shows and get known! Earlier today, I’d organised a bit of a promo shoot for the band, such as it is, with the nature of these things, it was fairly impromptu and we made do with some free space in a pub, in Derby. I’m still yet to look at those images, as I’ve been busy getting this review ready but look out for a shoot on the bands Facebook page, we hope anyway!

Darren Hadfield - Black Chapter

I’m familiar with the bands lead vocalist as he’s none other than Carl, who use to front the band Doomsday Outlaw. Since parting ways, this lyric master has been busy working along side Darren the bands guitarist, to form what we have before us today. After a few songs, I started to see a pattern emerging within this bands song structure, which reminded me of the likes of UFO, where you have some rousing guitar solo’s, which wows a crowd and looks good on camera. Well done lads, a band that’s listened to me, for once! I’m sure Darren will love the fact, I’ve just compared him to Michael Schenker!

Carl Batten - Black Chapter

Yes, it’s well known, the sound isn’t all that great at the Sitwell Tavern and I’m aware some bands struggle, but that said, the atmosphere is amazing and the lighting is better than some of the bigger music venues around! I hope to catch these guys again soon, somewhere with a better sound system, so I can hear them properly!

The headliners, Witch Tripper, by now should need no introduction, however, I’ll give them the benefit of doing so for anyone else on the planet, who has yet to see this amazing three piece, rock monster of a band, who hail from sunny Mansfield! Saying that, if you haven’t yet seen these guys play live, there’s a very good chance you might this year, as they are playing every show known to man, all except Bloodstock Festival which they’ve played the past two years in a row. First on the Jagermeister Stage and last year, on the New Blood Stage, as they successfully won the MTTM’s event, for this region. This event, has now moved from The Intake Club, which is now sadly no longer with us, so the competition now takes place at The Maze, in Nottingham. The only other festival Witch Tripper hasn’t played yet, at all, is Download, but the waves these guys are making currently within the rock and roll scene, it’s surely only a matter of time. Less we forget how full the New Blood stage was, back at Bloodstock!!!

Richie Barlow - Witch Tripper

Tonight, the guys played a number of new tracks soon to be released on a new album. One track, that struck a chord, with me, was ‘White Lines’ not for its lyrical subject, but more for its musical prominence!

And energy, WOW! You’d never know this band were a three piece as you so busy watching them bounce around, like loons, even Jimmy, the bands drummer gets in on the act! It’s also fair to say, he’s got some mad skills with those drum sticks – I was mesmerized watching him throw them around, yet maintaining his duties as the bands drummer!

Jimmy Collins - Witch Tripper

I can’t wait for the new album and I can’t wait to see these guys play live again soon, they really are a world apart! I’m now off to bed, as I’ve got a terrible disease and I’m likely to die from its causes. I jest, but I do feel like poo, so I’m off to bed!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)