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Questions Of Angels

‘From Within’

Questions Of Angels have been orbiting the West Midlands rock ‘n’ roll community since the summer of 2011 and their debut album ‘From Within’, presents itself as an entity borne of a band who have complete confidence in the music that they are making.

Questions Of Angels - From WithinThis album both rocks and rolls in its own abundance of well written songs that succinctly blend rock with the spirit of grunge, with tracks such as ‘Long Way Down’ and ‘Hope You’re Happy’ hitting just the right spot in this domain.

These no shortage of great guitar riffs either to be found ‘From Within’ and I can highly recommend checking out ‘Can’t Get Closer and ‘The Glow’ as two prime examples of the excellent licks that this album delivers.

I have to say that for me, the stand out feature throughout the entire album has to be the inspiring marriage between the song lyrics and their vocal delivery. There is a consistent emotive theme that runs throughout the lyrics of this album and including ‘Shit You Put Me Through’ and ‘Take It Anymore’ to name just two, which captures the raw deal that life can sometimes throw at you whilst in stark comparison to this, ’Worthy Of You’ and ’Pity’ take a walk on the warmer side of the emotions. The emotive and heartfelt portrayal of such feelings are captured in every aspect by lead singer Anthony Hoult, who really does deserve a standing ovation for their delivery.

‘From Within’ is overall, one very fine debut album and a little bird tells me that the writing of album number two is well on the way aswell – so bring it on I say!

Track Listing: 1. Take A Breath 2. Worthy Of You 3. Long Way Down 4. Pity 5. Never Going Back 6. Can’t Get Closer 7. Hope You’re Happy 8. Shit You Put Me Through 9. Gone Away 10. Take It Anymore 11. Something Dirty 12. The Glow

Review by Sue Wardle

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Rock City Nottingham 30.06.15

Tonight’s gig at Rock City was a warm one, what with temperatures reaching the mids 30’s all week, I was unsure that I could cope with it, but thankfully the air conditioning works perfectly fine at this venue so it was pretty comfortable for all in attendance and there were a few here tonight, which was great to see – especially for a mid week gig.

Speaking of unclear, I was just that about shooting this gig, as I know BRMC are somewhat of a niche market when it comes to their music, but it was for that reason I decided to go. I feel this band are slightly under appreciated when it comes to their musical abilities which needs to addressed, I’ve loved this bands music for years, they just need a few more top 40 hits, as Slash has pointed out this week, if you’re not in the top 40, you ain’t got a shot!

Tonight Rock City didn’t open their doors until 7pm so as the crowds got larger, it became harder to find shade. Taking cover from the sun is a necessity when you consider 90% of music fans generally wear black T-shirts!

Tonight’s support came from one former member of The Libertines, a post punk indie band from the early 2000’s era. Sadly, most will only remember lead singer Pete Doherty, but the rest of the band were in fact very talented and accomplished musicians! Thankfully, they saw sense and went on to do over things. Carl Barât did just that, a guitarist and vocalist who spent a number of years trying to apply his craft within other bands, such as Dirty Little Things and The Chav’s, sadly both of these bands had very little success. Deflated with band culture, he decided to go it alone but bring in talented musicians to accompany him on his new quest, calling them the Jackals. Kinda the same thing as being in a band then but this time he’s calling the shots, the rest choose to follow if they wish or summat like that!

Carl Barat and The Jackals

After speaking with several punters I knew in attendance tonight, I discovered that Carl Barat and the Jackals had in fact played a secret set at Glastonbury Festival the weekend just gone, then played Manchester last night and Nottingham tonight before they head off to Europe with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Carl Barat

Despite the antics of the previous few days, Carl and co. seemingly had plenty of energy left in the tank and they used that to great effect tonight. To give you an indication of how good the air conditioning system is at this venue, each member of the band were wearing their leather jackets, (as you do in a rock/metal band) yet barely broke into a sweat…brrr. As for the music, Carl and the Jackals have continued along the brit pot, indie, post punk road, as far as their style goes, which may be having a bit of a revival from what I saw of the bands playing the uber commercial Glastonbury Festival, but for me, I wasn’t moved emotionally as it’s all been done before. As for the bands ability, I thought they were great and certainly got the crowd lively for the main act.

Adam Claxton

Set List: 1. Victory Gin 2. A Storm Is Coming 3. Gin & Milk 4. Summer In The Trenches 5. We Want More 6. March of the Idle 7. Glory Days 8. The Gears 9.War of the Roses.

Did you know Black Rebel Motorcycle Club use to call themselves The Elements, but quickly ditched it because of the number of other bands that had a similar title? Instead they settled for their current title thanks to the Marlon Brando film ‘The Wild One’! Having formed back in 1998, these guys and now girl, were primarily active in the early part of 2000, so they must be friends with Carl Barat from their time in the charts, gig circuit and festivals back in that day, hence his support slot?

I always knew this band to be an all male 3 piece, however, it turns out Nick Jago left the band after the release of the album ‘Baby 81’s’ (2007) – I must keep on top of all these band changes more! So I was shocked to see a female on the kit tonight, one Leah Shapiro who apparently underwent a brain operation earlier this year, thankfully it was a success so kudos to her for being back up their playing so soon! The band are primarily Rock and Roll, but they have experimented with their sound over the years, but always seem to come back to the heavier guitar sounds their fans love them for. With only being a three piece, you’d be forgiven if you thought their sound would be lacking in depth and texture, but that isn’t the case as they manage, superbly I might say, to conjure up very emotional tracks that are dark and sinister in feel.

Leah Shapiro

Founding member Peter Hayes plays an array of stringed instruments as well as being the bands primary vocalist, but when he plays the bass, you soon know about it. Where he lacks in strings (4 to be precise) he makes up for with pure heavy bass riffs, which tonight made my rib cage vibrate! Other founding member Robert Levon Been, Peter’s best friend, is charged with playing the electric guitar, who also takes up vocal duties. It’s worth mentioning Been comes from a musical background, as his late, great father used to be the vocalist/guitarist for the band “The Call”. between them, they manage to conjure up a magical array of sounds and imagery for our entertainment. Although the lighting for tonights gig was a challenge to photograph in, it did fit the bands mood perfectly. It was safe to say the crowd appreciated every effort made, as they were jumping tonight, quite literally! Thankfully, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played some of my personal favourite tracks tonight!

Robert Levon Been

With only two UK dates being played on this current tour, I was actually very relieved that I went along to this tonight as this is a band that sits too far under the radar these days, they need more exposure for sure, as they are a great live act!

Peter Hayes

Set List: 1. Beat the Devil’s Tattoo 2. Let the Day Begin 3. Rival 4. Weapon of Choice 5. Rifles 6. Ain’t No Easy Way 7. Berlin 8. Returning 9. American X 10. Salvation 11. Heart + Soul 12. Complicated Situation [Acoustic] 13. Love Burns [Acoustic] 14. Weight of the World 15. Conscience Killer 16. Stop 17. Awake 18. Spread Your Love 19. Shuffle Your Feet 20. White Palms 21. Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song)

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)


Woody’s Bar, Hednesford, 19th June 2015.

With the capacity crowd at Woody’s Bar fully warmed up and craving more rock’n’roll Piston hit the stage with all guns blazing to totally tear up the room for the next hour or so. A special night this one with Piston playing to their hometown crowd and showcasing a few new tunes that really packed a knockout rock’n’roll punch, giving you a satisfying taste of the band’s soul-filled, swaggering sound and adding another brick to their daunting wall of noise.


Throughout their set, Piston’s performance was red-hot and crackling with energy, culminating with a stage filled with loyal fans all rocking out to a great cover of AC/DC’s ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’. With mainstream media such as Planet Rock Radio, Kerrang, Total Rock, Team Rock and Classic Rock Magazine showing increasing interest, Piston are going from strength to strength. Lead vocalist Rob Angelico recently took over the reigns as frontman for this incredible five piece rock band and tonight showed his worth in leading Piston to the next level in their passage to rock’n’roll fame and fortune.


Support for the night began with The Bad Flowers setting the standard high with their fine mix of heavy rock and deep blues riffs. They didn’t have to work hard to engage the already appreciative crowd that was building up for the night’s entertainment.

The Bad Flowers

Next up was Almost Easy. Building on the already great atmosphere in Woody’s Bar, Almost Easy raised the bar as their powerfully frenetic performance rocketed along with the volume progressing with every song on their set list.

Almost Easy

See the full set of pictures for Piston, The Bad Flowers and Almost Easy here.

Review and Photography By Stephen Turner