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Bloodstock Festival

Announces GraViL + watch ‘Detonate’ new music video

“Pure metal delivered with maximum vitriol. This band rules harder than Josef Stalin.” – Dom Lawson! The latest announcement by Bloodstock Open Air sees the London melodeath group Gravil confirmed for the prestigious Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday 14th August. This new addition to the bill once again demonstrates Bloodstock’s commitment to championing new bands in the metal community. Get tickets to see your favourite metal bands perform live at Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

Grant Stacey commented:

We are honoured to be a part of Bloodstock Open Air 2017” says Gravil vocalist Grant Stacey. “Each year this spiritual home of heavy metal somehow betters the year before. We have each spent a lot of time on the hallowed ground of Catton Park, witnessing stunning new bands, the earth shattering veterans of the main stage and embracing the metal music community that we have come to call our family. Now we are privileged to grace the Sophie stage, whose very name represents the strength and pride of our brotherhood. See you there!”

2017 has seen a resurgence for GraViL. Their sophomore album ‘No More Forgiveness‘ was released in May and has being going down a storm with media and the band’s fanbase. With various premieres by the likes of Metal Hammer, Scuzz TV, Terrorizer and more, GraViL have now unleashed the music video for elite track ‘Detonate‘.

This new video clip shows the group in a high-octane performance which also features three versions of the mysterious woman, ‘Obliti’… the present broken self, a lost dream of grandeur and the self-loathing dark entity which destroyed it.

Watch the new music video ‘Detonate’.

“‘Detonate’ is a personal song drawn from a negative situation”, explains Stacey, “The video captures the lyrics perfectly… it tackles loss, taking charge and using the anger, rage and sadness to triumph over the overwhelming paint that the loss entails… hence detonating.”

Whilst the song and video reflect important issues in our society, it didn’t stop the band from taking time out to have fun on set and inflict ‘crabcore’ on non-believers.

On the way to the video shoot we discussed how low our guitarists get to the floor during live shows. Sparx (bass) mentioned it was called crabcore and a confused Charlie (Webster, guitar) refused point blank to believe there was such a thing. Like a red rag to a bull this spurred us onto mischief, leading to the band shouting “crab it” during the performance sections and band members having to get as low as physically possible to the floor without taking the soles of their feet off the ground.”

Gravil’s new albumNo More Forgivenessorder now!

Track list:

1. Detonate
2. Are We Alive
3. I Am The Blood
4. Plagues, Thieves And Murderers
5. Locate The Traitor
6. Choke In Silence
7. Fractured, Divided
8. Decommissioned
9. Forever Is A Prison
10. One Eyed King

Gravil live dates:

23rd June – Coventry, Arches (w/ Metaprism)
8th July – Burnley, Sanctuary Rock Bar (w/ Metaprism, Today, They Are Older)
14th Aug – Bloodstock Open Air (Sophie Lancaster Stage)

More dates to be announced.

For more information visit

Paradise Lost


Ahead of next year’s 30th anniversary, Paradise Lost, the genre-defining British doom metal are set to release the 20th anniversary edition of their 1997 album ‘One Second’ through Music For Nations on 14th July.

Having continually proved themselves to be at the forefront of the UK rock and metal scene, ‘One Second’ proved to be a turning point for the band, where they left behind their harder edge and began experimenting with electronics and keyboards taking on a more gothic direction.

20 years on from its release singles, ‘Say Just Words’ and title track ‘One Second’ are still performed live today. So celebrated from their 14 album catalogue (number 15 due later this year), the band are planning exclusive live performances of the album at selected festivals this year.

Vocalist Nick Holmes comments: ‘The album really was a vast departure from Draconian Times and for better or worse the beginning of a very experimental stage for the band. Either way ‘One Second’ will always remain a vital cog in the band’s close to 30 year history. We are happy to be working with Music For Nations again on this release.’

The re-issue of ‘One Second’ is fully supported by the band and their management with their input on packaging and audio along with liner notes from renowned Kerrang journalist Nick Ruskell.

Re-mastered by the band’s current producer, Jaime Gomez, and with a CD version featuring a live concert from the time, which was only previously available on DVD, this is a must for any Paradise Lost fan, or someone delving deeper back into the band’s catalogue.

Track list:

1. One Second (Remastered)
2. Say Just Words (Remastered)
3. Lydia (Remastered)
4. Mercy (Remastered)
5. Soul Courageous (Remastered)
6. Another Day (Remastered)
7. The Sufferer (Remastered)
8. This Cold Life (Remastered)
9. Blood Of Another (Remastered)
10. Disappear (Remastered)
11. Sane (Remastered)
12. Take Me Down (Remastered

‘One Second’ will be available on:

CD (20 page hardback book) includes 2nd disc of band’s 1998 show at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire, double 180 gram classic black gatefold LP and digital download.

Pre-order available now:

Bad Touch

Second Album “Truth Be Told”.

Yes, they have returned!! Bad Touch are back with their second album (Truth Be Told). The boys have returned even better than before, which is pretty hard with having such a good album but luckily for us (Truth Be Told) does not disappoint. With more bluesy rock rhythms, great lyrics and mind blowing vocals from Stevie Westwood, this album is for fans alike and if you’re looking for a new fresh sound, then this is for you.

Photography by Rob Blackham.

The band have released two singles since the album launch back in December 2016. The first single ‘99%’ is one of my favourites, so head over to Bad Touch’s official Youtube and check that little pretty out.

To be honest the whole album is a smash hit for me, but if you get a chance have a listen to ‘Under Your Skin‘, ‘One More Night‘, ‘Take Your Time‘ and ‘Let The Sun Shine‘ because you’ll be bopping your head, tapping your foot and it will even make you want to have a little dance. The last track on the album shows the softer side of Bad Touch with ‘The Mountain‘, which is slow, smooth and like all the other songs on the album, easy to listen to with lots of feeling. This album like the previous one is for all ages and walks of life.

Check out the bands latest single Heartbreaker, Soulshaker!!

So, if rock or blues is your thing or if you just appreciate music, check these guys out and if you like what you hear go see them live for an amazing unforgettable night out.

So don’t just take my word for it get out there and buy the album!!

Track list:

  1. One More Night
  2. 99%
  3. Waiting For This
  4. Under My Skin
  5. Heartbreaker Soulshaker
  6. Take Your Time
  7. Let The Sun Shine
  8. My Mother Told Me
  9. Outlaw
  10. Made To Break
  11. Healing Hand
  12. The Mountain

Bad Touch members:

  • Stevie Westwood (vocals)
  • George Drewry (drums/vocals)
  • Harry Slater (lead guitar/vocals)
  • Daniel Seekings (guitar/vocals)
  • Michael Bailey (bass)

For more information visit Bad Touch online.

By Matthew York.