The Rescue Rooms Nottingham 28th July 2015.

Kick starting things tonight are SHVPES, a five piece metal band from Birmingham. Formed in 2009 and formally known as Cytota, they have spent the last five years writing and touring. They had the crowd excited from the second they walked on stage. Playing straight up metal they got the crowd fired up, air punching and screaming along. Playing their new single “State of Mind” the crowd were well and truly warmed up and with a tirade of pits starting, you see lead singer Griffin Dickinson jump into the crowd to join in.


With the Rescue Rooms now at full capacity on came Atreyu, a five piece heavy metal band from Orange County, California who formed in 1998. Getting straight into it with “Becoming the Bull” and “Right side of the Bed”, the crowd loved it. Chanting “Atreyu” in-between songs, the pits starting almost immediately and they certainly got a warm and rather sweaty welcome.


Carrying on with crowd favourites such as “Crimson” and “Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name” the Rescue Rooms started to heat up with the crowd pushing forward and jumping up and down – so time for vocalist Alex Varkatzas to whip his top off!

Travis Miguel - Atreyu

Slowing it down slightly for “Bleeding Is A Luxury” and “When Two are One”, Alex asked everyone to get their phones or fingers in the air, and everyone did as they was told as the Rescue Rooms lit up. Atreyu’s sixth Album “Long Live” is out September 18th and if the title track is anything to go by, then the album will do well.

Porter McKnight - Atreyu

A good night of heavy metal was certainly had by all but I do think the Rescue Rooms as a venue did not do them justice as turning people away with it being a sold out gig proved they could have easily filled a bigger venue. The energy and atmosphere on and off stage was awesome and Atreyu did not disappoint their UK fans.

Travis Miguel and Dan Jacobs - Atreyu

Reading and Leeds festival are in for a treat this weekend!

Review by Toni Reed and Photography by Neil Reed.