Album Reviews

‘Worlds Apart’ release 1st April 2016. Not often, are you led on a journey, so incautiously complex and chaotically structured,
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The Simpletone
‘Angels’ Share’ released 1st November 2016. Having followed The Simpletone’s journey since the summer of 2010, whether I liked it
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Thousand Foot Krutch
‘Exhale’ release Date 17th June 2016. IT’S NEARLY HERE!!! Thousand Foot Krutch are about to release their new album ‘Exhale’
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‘The Brightest Void’ Release Date 3rd June 2016. Tarja is back with not one but two new albums!!! The ex-Nightwish
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Senton Bombs
‘Mass Vendetta’ released via 7Hard records. So what do Robert Smith (The Cure) Nicholas McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand) and Ian Anderson
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Headline Maniac
Self-titled album release 8th July 2016. Headline Maniac are releasing their debut, self-titled album Headline Maniac. The Essex power trio
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