A Pale Horse Named Death

With support from OHHMS at Craufurd Arms Milton Keynes 31st October 2019.

We’re back at the Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes this Halloween night to review OHHMS and A Pale Horse Named Death.

We arrived on time to see the full set from OHHMS, whose Exist album was released last year and after seeing them at the Uprising Festival in Leicester two months ago, we knew what to expect to some extent – as soon as they started playing, the slow tempo bass riffs churned out low notes which was followed by an explosion of upbeat groove.

It’s obvious to see what these guys are about politically and what they stand for in their amazing song ‘Shambles’ – “A worthless and devalued class is broken up and boiled in acid baths” which delivers the ultimatum of prevailing doom and the grinding out of pure emotion. These songs from OHMMS obviously come from within,  life changing moments filtered out in an epic forty minute set, with one song rolling into the next, with little breaks in between. Catch OHHMS on tour if you can, a great British band to be proud of.

A Pale Horse Named Death started a little slow but I guess this is when everyone in the band is getting the feel for the songs and performance. With such a tough touring schedule, this is totally forgivable and I believe they only arrived at the venue just a few hours prior. This is our first time seeing A Pale Horse Named Death, who are a gloom death progressive metal band from New York and hearing their new album ‘When The World Becomes Undone’.

After the second song they got into their set, with it challenging musically, technicality and being full of imagination it all started to make sense like filling in the blanks of a jigsaw puzzle until all of a sudden a picture appears. Highlight of the set was their song ‘Vultures’ with lyrics “They show up when you stink and rot, taking everything that’s precious to your heart” with the enclosing synchronicity of the pounding drums and the deep tone within it, it echoed through with the feeling of being out in the desert and waiting to be eaten alive.

As it’s Halloween after all, the audiences costumes embraced the atmosphere of these two bands, a scary scene not from Dracula’s Castle or gravestones but from Death itself and provided a great atmospheric catch for the band. By the end of the show I was left amazed, bewildered and wanting for more. A Pale Horse Named Death you did The Craufurd Arms proud.

To see more photographs from the night, be sure to check out music224 over on Flickr.

Review by Lucy Greene with Photography by Masaaki Black