with support from SID, T3TRA and Axiom.
O2 Institute 2 Birmingham 30th March 2019.

This evenings Ovation Music Management event really and truly is set to be something special. With Axiom, T3TRA, SID UK and our headliners Netherhall all forming an amazing line up, the music will certainly be first class tonight!

Getting tonight underway were Axiom and despite me only managing to catch the last few songs of their set, it was evident that this band are a progmasters absolute delight. Not only Axiom combine musical fluency with heaps of originality, their personality also shines through – and that is a win win in my book.

Carrying the night on in a similar musical vein were T3TRA and tonight’s set at the O2 Institute2 marked their first live performance ever. With an audience of many well wishers there to cheer them on, nerves were not apparent and despite a few technical problems, the depth and inventiveness of their music shone through. T3TRA are a band that have so much potential and I highly recommend you get yourself over to a show of theirs, first chance you get.

Next up were SID UK and you can’t help but love this band as they always fill the room with great music and a heartfelt performance, every time they get up on stage. Having seen SID play live on numerous occasions, my expectations of tonight’s set were set pretty high but yet again, these guys surpassed themselves and in my opinion, they were the best I’ve ever seen them. With the promise of a new album release later this year, I for one can’t wait for that and will be keeping my eyes peeled for more news over the following months.

Our headlining band tonight have been wowing their audiences every time they set foot on stage and are none other than Birmingham’s own, Netherhall. Progressive metal never sounded so good as it does when Netherhall perform and with the recent change in line up to now include the vocal majesty of Matthew Preston, their overall sound is guaranteed to end shivers down your spine. Tonight’s set saw the band in a league of their own and was completely spellbinding from start to finish.

Tonight’s line up proved itself to be an outstanding assembly of West Midlands talent and what an amazing experience and great night it was!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Metal 2 The Masses

KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton 4th April 2019.

Well, the Heats have flown by and tonight sees the final one with five more bands all hoping to progress down that road to Bloodstock.  And getting the evening underway were Orpheus, who hail from the Birmingham area. Alternative in their metal, this band have put a lot of commitment into developing their own sound and style and despite have been working hard on this for quite some time, they are relative newcomers to the live music scene. The bands set tonight saw that commitment at its finest and I hope we get to see more from this band in their many gigs yet to come.

Next up were 14 Pieces who brought along with them, their own brand of melodic thrash which hit the stage hard. Rife in attitude and belligerent in its deliver, these guys took full control of their stage and audience and firmly made Heat 6 as a night to remember.

The midway point of Heat 6 was marked by a blinding set from Master Charger, whose limitless ability has seen them command stages across the country on many an occasion, with the kind of accomplishment that makes you wonder why these guys aren’t on the Bloodstock line up already! Thirty minutes was just simply not long enough to relish the doom infused metal sound of Master Charger and tonight’s set from the band was A+ in its delivery and one that KK’s Steel Mill’s audience absolutely lapped up.

With the kind of gusto and energy that adrenaline thrives on, our penultimate band of Heat 6 took things to a whole new level tonight! Atarka have such a fresh feel to their groove rock metal and the drive within their performance was infectious and had their audience hanging onto every note and word. Once again, these guys served to put Wolverhampton high up on the Bloodstock map and making Heat 6 one of the toughest rounds so far.

And finally, the time had come for our last band of the night and the last band to perform in the heats of Wolverhampton’s Metal 2 The Masses 2019 – Blood Church. Dramatic in both visual style and stage presence, these guys dominated their every metal moment on stage and what a set it was! Steeped in the kind of theatrical allurement that grips you tight, Blood Church brought tonight’s event to one hell of an impressive end.

The competition tonight was TOUGH and sending just two bands forward onto the semi-finals was no easy decision for audience and judges alike but congratulations go out to Atarka and Blood Church both go through to the next round.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.

Metal 2 The Masses

KK’s Steel Mill Wolverhampton 28th March 2019.

Once again I’m back at KK’s Steel Mill in anticipation of all that Wolverhampton’s M2TM Heat 5 has to offer, with tonight’s rather exciting line up including Crows & Crosses, Exiles, Chaosaroma and Going Down On The Landing Strip – great stuff!

First up were Crows & Crosses and I have to say, that these guys most definitely delivered the goods tonight! With a deep, rich and abundant hard rock style, this band ticked just about every box possible throughout their set tonight, with the fantastic voice of lead singer Nick Pagett adding an intensely gritty edge to the bands overall sound. A great set from start to finish and an excellent start to tonight’s Heat.

Next up on stage were Exiles, whose music tonight brought with it an abundance of tech laced metal that was a first in this years competition. Hardcore is sound, with much thought clearly having gone into its delivery as the glaring ambience they created with strobe and computer generated composition took their performance into a league of its own. Exiles are an up and coming band who clearly have great potential – as we all witnessed tonight.

The third band of the evening were Chaosaroma and even though they may not be metal in sound, they certainly know how to play their alternative rock full on, with a good time guaranteed. This band delivered a wealth of great songs all laced with energy and the feel good factor, that certainly held the audiences attention throughout the entirety of their set.

Our last band of the night were Going Down On The Landing Strip and I find myself really struggling to find the right words to describe these guys, as sometimes words just can’t cut it – and I mean that in the nicest sense possible! This band have a very unique identity that spills out in both their appearance and also in their songs – imagine songs written by the love child of Noddy Holder, Jimi Hendrix and Jo Brand and you won’t be far off! Going Down On The Landing Strip completely shook my world and I loved ’em!

Tonight has once again been quite a night, with congratulations going out to this weeks winners Crows & Crosses and Exiles, who will now go on to the semi-finals.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.