Butcher Babies

With support from Klogr and Eyes Set To Kill.
Rescue Rooms Nottingham 20th February 2018.

As I travelled North up the treacherous M1, to get to the Rescue Rooms which happens to be our venue tonight, I thought it only correct to blast out the new album ‘Lilith’ from the Butcher Babies (tonight’s headline act) which got released last year. In doing so, thanks to this bands sheer aggression and raw power, I found myself at the venue in no time at all, was I driving fast, probably faster than normal, as a result. I also appeared to have pins and needles in my face, due to all the grinning I was doing, forced on in the knowledge that I was off to see Butcher Babies again. It’s been some four years to the day, since I saw this band last!

As a side note, I’m starting to really enjoy visiting the Rescue Rooms venue as the staff are so friendly, are always happy to see me and they usually have the guest list ready for when the doors open. Tonight though, they didn’t because the band were late giving it to the door however, I told them my name and they stamped me in, no questions, in the knowledge that I was there for a reason and wouldn’t be lying. I guess, when the staff start to recognise your face, what with the amount of times I’ve attended this venue, they’re starting to trust me. This is just a small observation that makes me feel good. Thanks Rescue Rooms!

The first of the two support bands on tonight started their set very soon after doors opening, as it would appear the nights schedule was running late due to the Butcher Babies having a meet and greet in the venue, prior to the show, which meant the support bands didn’t really get a sufficient amount of time to complete sound check. I digress, tonight’s first band go by the name Klogr, which means absolutely nothing to me but seeing as this band are primarily from Italy, it may mean something profound and inspiring, in their native language? Either way, these guys play rock and metal and have toured the UK many times now, with the likes of Prong and Ghost, I think Rusty said, when I briefly spoke to him and PQ between sets. During that conversation we discussed many things, like the fact metal isn’t really celebrated in their own country as much as it is in the rest of Europe, so I asked, how did you get into rock/metal then? His reply, probably the same as many others our age “My older brother loved Metallica”. Enough said! The band are performing at every show on this run of 24 dates, across the UK and Europe and are travelling by van, driving themselves. Seriously, look at the locations, that’s a lot of driving, going past venues to be played at later. Seriously, who organises these tours, do they own a map? I thought Klogr where slow starting tonight, but they soon warmed up and the crowd started to respond but it was only the first night! By the end of the tour, this band will be on fire!

Eyes Set To Kill were the second support band on tonight and are also from America, Tempe, AZ to be precise. They too took a little time to get firing on all cylinders, which was a shame because I was looking forward to seeing this band perform. By enlarge, it was a credible set, but sadly Alexia’s amp was playing up on her and after 3 cable changes, I think she gave up on it and stuck to vocals. The band paid tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan, of the Cranberries, who sadly passed away earlier this year, by playing one of that bands biggest hits ‘Zombie’. Although Alexia’s guitar kept cutting out and her vocals suffered as a result, the crowd appreciated the bands gesture and cheered generously, out of respect for the late artist. Great band, just not at their best tonight, due to lack of sleep, mostly, but these guys will be a band to watch out for, in the future!

As previously stated, it’s been almost four years to the day since I last saw the Butcher Babies perform, in the very same venue, no less. That doesn’t mean to say they haven’t been here since, I recall them playing at Rock City Basement in 2017, but I missed that show, sadly. I have noticed this band seem to play the smaller venues here in the UK, which surprises me greatly, as they are one of the best and quite possibly one of the most brutal metal-core bands around at the moment. In a over saturated genre, I feel Butcher Babies have found a winning formula and stand out as one of the best in this genre.

They’ve got a very distinctive sound, which is easily recognisable. Yes, the two lead vocalists are drop dead gorgeous, which does help to give this band a dynamic edge but they are no less brutal, as a result. If anything, they are even more hard working, almost as if they are trying to prove that woman can do it too. Well, I know they can and I support them 100%! I love this band, they should be selling out arenas, they are that good. I also love how they make me work for my shots too, I mean, who doesn’t love a challenge, when photographing a band that doesn’t stop moving? It makes it more rewarding when you get a decent shot. I was respectful enough to adhere to the first three tracks rule usually imposed on gig photographers and as a result, it was the fastest 3 songs, of my life!

It may have been a long time since I last saw Butcher Babies perform, yet they are no less energetic or brutal since our last encounter! If first night nerves were present, they didn’t show – not with these professionals! If you’re a fan of Hatebreed, Devil Driver and Jinjer, then you seriously need to see this show while they’re here in the UK, because it’s BRUTAL!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Mat Partridge

Solo Album ‘Parts Per Million’.

For many a year, I’ve been a firm fan of the vocal competence of Mat Partridge – mainly through the music of the rather exceptional rock band Soley Mourning but this, his first solo album ‘Parts Per Million‘, introduces yet another side of Mat’s song writing ability that really is something quite special to behold.

Comprising of ten outstanding tracks, ‘Parts Per Million‘ plays through like chapters in a story book, as each song has it’s own unique purpose and beautifully brings the music and life of Mat Partridge together, in perfect harmony.

The opening track ‘Kick The Brakes Off (Now We’re Rollin’) lavishes the listener with a hearty dose of that wonderful feel good factor and if the brass section combined with the pulsating drum rhythm doesn’t get your soul boogieing even just a little bit to this one, then there really is no hope for you.

Watch Mat Partridge – Kick the Brakes Off (Now We’re Rollin’) – Official music video_0!

Track 1 really does set the scene well for what follows on, as ‘Respects To The Renegade‘ and ‘Same Old Same Old‘ embed these factors further and for those fans of everyday real life rhythm and blues, these two tracks will get a thumbs up for sure.

The big surprise of this album was Track 4, ‘Psychology Song‘ as it takes a turn in a slightly different direction and one that I never would have expected. Sitting within an authentic Latin vibe, it transports you musically, far far away from the West Midlands, where it was created and if you love a bit of easy on the ear piano jazz as I do, then this song is a must to check out.

Having come to the half way point of ‘Parts Per Million‘, I had already reached the conclusion that one of the most compelling things about this album were the song lyrics and the fact that not only has Mat proved himself as being a great story teller, but he also has the presence to reflect upon and capture the emotions behind the situations that day to day living can place us in and ‘Any Road Home‘, ‘This Thing We Got Ain’t Lovin‘, ‘Amateur Dreamers‘ and ‘Gonna Get Up Now‘ are all beautiful examples of this. It is well worth checking out Mat’s Facebook page and reading through his posts, as you will find that he has shared his inspiration for some of these songs there.

The second to last song on the album is ‘The Sugarblues‘ and this is an absolute corker of a track with its tongue in cheek capture of life’s ups and downs and the consequences of putting things off to do another day. The video that accompanies this track is worthy of a BAFTA and will ring hilariously true for those of us that rely heavily on ‘Post Its‘, just to get through the day!

Based upon the experience of this album so far, the closing track was destined to be one of a kind and that is exactly what ‘Valuables‘ is. This is a song of love that touches the soul and I’m sure that the words will ring true with many a parent – it is also a beautiful and perfect ending to this outstanding album.

Track Listing:

1.Kick The Brakes Off (Now We’re Rollin’)
2.Respects To The Renegade
3.Same Old Same Old
4.Psychology Song
5.Any Road Home
6.This Thing We Got Ain’t Lovin’
7.Amateur Dreamers
8.The Sugarblues
9.Gonna Get Up Now



Review by Sue Wardle.

Falling Red

‘Lost Souls’ release date 18th of March 2018.

Today I was sent a couple of new albums in the post, both of which are soon to be released onto the world, courtesy of Central Press. Whilst having an unusually quite evening as the sprog went to bed fairly early, I thought I’d dust off the stereo and have a listen but which one do I start with! As I flicked through the nicely cellophane wrapped CD’s, Falling Red’s new album, ‘Lost Souls’ caught my eye, with its nicely decorated front cover consisting of post apocalyptic, flesh eating zombies, hell, I thought, this looks fun!

I’m familiar with the band, I’ve even spoken to them at a music conference a couple of years back. Nice blokes, polite, well dressed, in a gothic bar sort of way, you know, your typical hard rock band from Cumbria, up there in the north!

Sadly, I’ve never seen these guys play live before but after reading their bio for this review, they sound intriguing and could be a lot of fun in a live environment. I’m certainly going to try my best to get to a live show in the future! Having toured with the likes of Skid Row, Steel Panther and other glam bands, they admit they ain’t your stereo-typical glam band, if they’re honest. They look more like an emo/post/nu-metal gothic band but the reality is they play a combination of hard rock and metal, with a splash of sleaze thrown in for good measure.

So looks can be deceiving then!

The band consists of four members, Andrew Rose (lead vocals and guitar) Dave Sanders (drums and backing vocals) Mikey Lawless (bass and backing vocals) and Shane Kirk (guitar and backing vocals)

However, the two main members who have continued to drive this band forward since their inception back in 2006, are Rozey and Dave, according to them, sorry to the other two if this isn’t the case! They admit they are not a band that likes to take themselves too seriously and hope this shows in their chosen lyrical style for their music! These guys are about good times and having fun, because lets face it, life is mostly full of shit!

Prior to this new offering, Spotify tells me they’ve released three EP’s and two previous full length albums to date. ‘Lost Souls’ will make it three full length albums, so there’s quite a healthy back catalogue for you to discover, if this review wets your appetite enough to make you curious and you want to check these guys out!

To record this album, the band have taken a different approach in its production from that of previous works. This time, they opted for a more hands on approach, with Dave recording drums with Mark Broughton and Dean Thompson at Blast Studios, in Newcastle. Guitars and vocals were recorded by James Stephenson, at Stymphalian Productions in York. It would appear, working with these two entities, the band admit, they have managed to step up the quality of their music which makes them happy. I’m pleased to confirm that, this album does indeed sound very well recorded!

Sleaze features heavily, throughout this album, which is no bad thing, with the odd acoustic track thrown in.

Personally, I love the track ‘My Town, My City’ which got released as a single, along with a music video three months ago! I love the honesty in the lyrics, which probably started off as a bit of a joke, yet the band quickly realised they were onto something and this track may end up becoming their swan song? They’ve been clever not to be too specific with the lyrics, so people can apply their own home town and can instantly relate to the words! Check it out!!

Another notable track for me is, ‘Hell In My Eyes’ simply because it’s got that feel good factor, along with a very catchy melody! I can see this track being added to many a rock show playlist on some of your larger rock radio stations, around the country hell, even the world!

The album, in it’s entirety, is a well produced body of work, totaling thirteen tracks, which lasts a swift forty four minutes, yet every minute has been used to it’s full potential, filled with high octane, balls to the wall ROCK!

Track listing:

1.The Darkest Day (Intro)
2.The Day I Lose My Soul
3.Digital Disguise
5.My Town, My City
7.Hell In My Eyes
8.War In The Sky
9. Enemies
10.Beautiful Lie
11. Haunted
12.In My Head
13. A Song For The Haters

A sterling effort 7.5/10!

Review by Jay Hawkins.