Through the Void, album review.

Having reviewed the bands debut album ‘A Voyage in Solitude’ almost 2 years to the day, I was keen to listen to their latest offering, which is soon to be released to the general public, on all formats. My review, of Garganjua’s first album, can be viewed here, if you’re interested?

As the wife is Christmas shopping and I’ve escaped from a near death experience, having nearly electrocuted myself, thinking the power was off, but when I pulled the live wire out of a plug socket, I was changing, sparks and smoke swiftly followed! My life flashing before my very eyes, I kid you not! Being given the opportunity to fully immerse myself in Gargangua’s latest offering ‘Though The Void’ is indeed a welcomed break, from DIY hell!

Since the band released their first album, they’ve been very busy, indeed. Having spent the best part of 2015, recording their debut, I bet when they released it onto the world, they didn’t anticipate the success that album would have, which it did and deservingly so! 2016 was a very busy year for the band. I managed to catch them twice last year, the first was when they took part in the MTTM’s final, in Leicester, at Uprising, which they won, which awarded them a Bloodstock Festival appearance, then later, at Beermageddon. Between the two performances, I noticed a remarkable difference. Although I was initially blown away by their live show, on our first encounter, I was suitably impressed with how much they’d improved, as a live band, come the time I saw them at Beermageddon. I recall the crowds reaction, on that occasion, it was remarkable, everyone was left in ore of these guys, which had left us all wanting more!

Although the band have appeared quite this year, they have in fact managed to venture out, to the Netherlands, where they were invited to play a show with Brujeria. By all accounts, the band enjoyed this experience, as it would appear they’ve managed to secure a few more shows in Europe, but nothing has been official confirmed, as yet.

As I’m now writing a review for album number 2, I now know why these guys have been locked away, all year. In May, the band ventured back to Skyhammer Studios, where they recorded the first album, to record ‘Through the Void’. Although it’s another 4 track, 13mins per track, epic, as with ‘A Voyage in Solitude’ I can assure you, its every bit as amazing as the first journey we embarked on then and now we get to do it all again, marvellous!

Did you know, an album only has to be 27 minutes long, be classed as such? Thanks for that nugget of knowledge, Gareth!

The opening track, starts things off perfectly, courtesy of some “crushing” riffs and vocals, it’s easy to see why the band settled with the track title ‘Crushing Beneath the Tide’! It soon mellows to a more somber affair, only to liven back up again, purposely invoking thought and, in my opinion, forcing the lister on a journey of both body and mind!

Although I’m a great supporter of this bands music and love both their live performance and their recorded material, nothing compared me for the musical genius, that is the self titled track ‘Through the Void’ my word, crushing doesn’t even come close! Having briefly spoken to Gareth, on messenger, to relay my opinion on this track, he too confirmed this is also the bands favourite track off this new album. So I do have a good ear for music! HAHA! The album is a great body of work, in it’s entirety, but this is my stand out track off this new album and I can see myself adding it to many of my current playlists!

In the bands press kit, which is invaluable, by the way and really helps dumbass reviews, like me out, they state that, collectively the band have tried to push themselves, both creatively and sonically and this is clearly evident on this new album. Take a bow, Garganjua. I can already smell the sweat, permeating at a live show, in the ‘not too distant future’ I hope!

The band will be self releasing this new album, on all formats, but as all music lovers know, the best way to listen to music, at home, is on vinyl. The lads in the band know this, which is why they’ve set up a pledge campaign, to get this album released on vinyl, but to do it, they need us, the fans, to make it happen, as it is a very expensive process! As I’m a true fan of this band and their music, I’ve pledged £25, for the signed version of the album. I just hope the band manage to raise the required funds in time, so I can get my grubby hands on my copy!

Pledge link here

For me, this Garganjua keep the fires burning, bands like Mastadon sparked back in their Leviathan days. Garganjua have been compared with bands like YOB, who I’ve been listening to a lot, lately. Also, Pallbearer and Ahab!

If you’re a fan of all things tuned low and played, relatively slow, then you are a true fan of the musical genre, that is DOOM and like me, you need this new album in your life!

If you’re new to these guys, get a feel for their sound, by streaming their debut EP and first album, via their Bandcamp page,


With support from Piston, Theia and Kikamora.
The Station Cannock 4th November 2017.

Tonight brings about my first visit to The Station in Cannock and the promise of quite a night, with none other than Bigfoot, Piston, Theia and Kikamora, all set to make for a great night of spectacular rock.

Kicking the night off loud, heavy and with more pizazz than Cannock’s Firework display were Kikamora, who hail from the Southwest part of the UK. I have to say that this band produce the kind of adrenaline on stage that simply draws you in and for me, Kikamora were addictive to watch. I do hope that these guys head back up this way again and I shall be keeping a beady eye open just in case they do.

Our second band of the night were Theia and here we have one very hard working band whose music and stage presence always make for an excellent nights entertainment, each and every single time that I’ve seen them. Tonight’s set from the band was laden to perfection with a wealth of enigmatic rock, that is characteristic of everything that Kyle Lamley, Paul Edwards and Jack Dalton deliver. In my humble opinion, Theia are one of the most promising up and coming young bands currently out there and judging by the audiences level of enthusiasm and interaction with them, I suspect that many others also share that same viewpoint too.

Next up at The Station were Piston and for me, this was the first chance to catch them live with Rob Angelico at the mic and impressed I was for sure, as Rob and his super charged rock vocals are most definitely a great fit for the band. Piston have made great steps with their music over recent years and their set this evening was a clear indicator as to why their following continues to grow.

Tonight’s headliners were Bigfoot and here we have the band who are currently taking the rock community by storm, with their A+ style of hard hitting rock. By the time that the band took to the stage, the venue was pretty much full to the rafters and with sooo many Bigfoot fans raring to go, there was such a pretty keen atmosphere off stage, that I’m sure fed straight back into the bands performance as they certainly seemed delighted to be here.

There was no mistaking how good these guys are and if you’re yet to catch them live for yourself, then be sure that you do as Bigfoot look set for many great things for sure.

As far as my first impressions of The Station go, this venue has certainly got what it takes to grow and become a firm favourite on the local music scene and it certainly did our four bands proud tonight. As to the forthcoming gigs that are lined up here at the Station, be sure to go check out KOL Promotions Facebook page for all the latest dates and events coming your way.

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle


Subspecies UK Tour, Live at Red Rooms, Rescue Rooms Nottingham.

So Christmas is nearly upon us and as it goes, this is my last review of 2017, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. It’s about quality, not quantity, right and the two bands we had on offer, on this merry night, gave us just that!

It’s been a tough year, personally, what with a new born. Sleep has been in short supply and doing this has been a challenge, to say the least!

Having battled my way through traffic to get to the venue, early enough to interview the band, the Courtesans, I managed to arrive all a flutter. Thankfully, I made it in plenty of time, as this interview turned out to be one of my best, ever. Probably not for the setting, but for the fact the 2 individuals I had in attendance, Agnes (bass) and Sinéad (vocals) who make up half the band, were 2 of the most talkative and charismatic personalities, I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking too.

In this interview, we cover a multitude of band related topics, which works better than anything I could write about them now. Check it out for yourselves!!

Special guests tonight, were Bullet Height, who’d travelled all the way from Germany to accompany the Courtesans across the UK, for their Subspecies Tour. They originate from Berlin, to be precise and as they stated, on the night, this is their first time, here in the UK, so being one of the first to have witnessed them live, pleases me greatly. As three pieces go, these guys and girl are very creative with their sound. I think the use of a keyboard helps to fill the void, which Sammi plays, along with vocals, which is shared by Jon, who also plays guitar. Although their social media page states the band consists of these 2 members, I couldn’t tell you who the drummer is, but he’s an ox on that kit, what a monster. Vikki’s kit got smashed to bits, but I’m glad to report the drum kit stayed in tact, much to her relief!

I think it’s safe to say that the gothic look has well and truly made a comeback. Did it ever leave? Probably not, but it’s in vogue at the moment, especially with the female musicians out there! On the night, the band had their debut album ‘No Atonement’ for sale, on vinyl I might add and it looked lovely!

If you’re looking for a band that’s a little bit different, with plenty of character, then Bullet Height are the band for you! With a mix of heavy riffs, harmonious vocals and a side of electro punk rock thrown in, they certainly tick a lot of the right boxes, in my book! Sammi’s energy on stage, is second to non and what a looker!

Although tonight’s show, was held in the lesser used Red Rooms, at the Rescue Rooms, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who bothered to turn up. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a few familiar faces, in the crowd, which made my night that much more enjoyable.

Having first seen the Courtesans at Amplified Open Air Festival, this summer, these ladies are a relatively new band to me, but after that performance, I instantly fell in love with this band and their originality! Having gotten to know them a little bit, since then, I’ve even managed to relate with them, on a personal level and their take on enjoying life. Sinéad stated, playing B.O.A this year was a personal highlight, in her life, fair enough! Dave was meant to cheer when she stated this, but balls’ed it right up! Nice one Dave! haha

As stated in our interview, the band played 2 new tracks in their set tonight, which feature on their, yet to be recorded, new album. Having mentioned the fact that the their cover of DJ Luck and MC Neat’s track ‘A Little Bit of Luck’ cheered me up at Amplified, in our interview, I’d like to think this prompted the band to repeat that performance for us tonight? Who knows, but it went down well, as did all their tracks. Tonight’s performance was epic, put simply, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

I noticed, everything they had on sale, I already had, so to help finance their travels, for the rest of the tour, I purchased a t-shirt, for the wife, which she’s already worn! Cheers ladies, until next time!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care of yourselves and each other. I hope to see you all at a show in 2018! Peace!

Welcome to the Courtesans official website.

Here you will find music, videos, photos, blogs, up-to-date live dates and much more!