‘The Brightest Void’ Release Date 3rd June 2016.

Tarja is back with not one but two new albums!!! The ex-Nightwish singer has returned with more powerful vocals and great instrumental sounds that will blow your mind. The Brightest Void is a taster of what is to come from Tarja and if anything, it will leave you wanting more.

Tarja - The Brightest Void

The Brightest Void has some great tracks, all with mind blowing vocals from Tarja herself and it also has a fantastic cover based upon ‘Gold Finger’ originally by Shirley Bassey. This album kicks off with ‘Bitter Ends’ which has powerful melting guitar riffs, heavy bass and a catchy drum rhythm. To get a taste of this track and more of what the album has instore for you, check out the video below.

The album also features appearances from other famous artists like Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) in the track ‘Heaven and Hell’ which demonstrates the amazing vocals of both singers. Also featured on the album in the track ‘Eagle Eye’, Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith can be found doing what he does best, playing the drums and finally we hear ‘Paradise’ by within Temptation which Tarja featured on.

So prepare for the 3rd June, to get this great album and a taste of Tarja.

Review by Matthew York.

Senton Bombs

‘Mass Vendetta’ released via 7Hard records.

So what do Robert Smith (The Cure) Nicholas McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand) and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) all have in common with the band The Senton Bombs? Did you guess correctly, yes, no, give up? OK I’ll tell you, they all grew up in Blackpool and went on to become musicians.

The Senton Bombs - Mass Vendetta

Formed back in 2004, these guys have gone through four line up changes, yet have managed to release four full length albums, along with a handful of EP’s in their earlier years. Once a four piece, then a three piece and now back to being a four piece, with this current line up looking set to stay the duration. The band currently consists of the following members, Joey Class – bass & lead vocals, Johnny Gibbons – guitar & backing vocals, Damien Cage – guitar & backing vocals and Scott Mason – drums.

As with any sea side town, you expect to find rock – sticks of rock that is but it’s not often you manage to find a band that literally ROCKS! I’ve only just stumbled across these guys and how I’ve managed to miss seeing this band play live, up to now is a complete mystery as the band have played many shows in and around the UK, grabbing the attention of all the right media outlets along the way. Reading through the previously written media reviews about The Senton Bombs, reads like a hit parade and courtesy of all the right people in the business, all of which put these guys up in lights, brighter than Blackpool Illuminations themselves!

From what I can make out, these guys have set about RnR domination in the right way, hard work and it appears to have paid off, slowly, but surely, with the bands popularity growing, with every release they put out. The band have also managed to rack up some impressive accolades along the way, of which they can hold their heads high. For example:

Hot on the success of ‘Gambit’, the Senton Bombs went straight back into the studio and produced another 11-track album entitled ‘Chapter Zero’, which resulted in many breakthrough moments. The album gathered label interest, with the band agreeing a deal with STP Records to release the album in September of 2013. Both TBFM Magazine and Pure Rawk nominated ‘Chapter Zero’ for “Best new album of 2013”, critics raved, with Powerplay Magazine calling the album “Somewhat of a brilliance”.

After the release of ‘Chapter Zero’ the Senton Bombs appeared in the national finals of Highway to Hell in Glasgow and then embarked on a seemingly endless tour schedule into 2014. Two tours of Denmark and a UK tour saw the launch of a new limited edition EP entitled ‘Phantom High’, again released on STP Records. A significant record deal was then signed with Holier Than Thou Records, taking the bands music into the digital market.

After countless live appearances in 2014 the Senton Bombs returned to the studio and completed their highly anticipated fourth album in June 2015. The band continued their vigorous live schedule with notable appearances at Lechlade and Breaking Bands festivals, as well as a feature on the Classic Rock cover – mount CD. Numerous endorsements were secured, including a full band endorsement from Vintage Guitars. A tour of Europe (Germany and Netherlands) and the release of the single ‘Mainstream’ would see out 2015.

So without further delay, I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about and have agreed to review the bands latest album ‘Mass Vendetta’ to see if we too agree with all the hype.

‘Trailblazer’ is the first track on this album and it’s a great choice, as it certainly grabs the listeners attention! Think early Quireboy’s vocals mixed with riff’s that wouldn’t be out of place on Velvet Revolver’s album ‘Contraband’! Incidentally, neither of these two bands feature on the bands ‘Influences list’ Isn’t it funny how everyone has their own opinion on music! I really like this track, it certainly gets my blood pumping!

‘Mainstream’, track two, continues in the same vain as the first track, and is a fist pumping RnR riff machine with this sentiment continuing into the albums first single ‘Train Wreck’ and I’m aware that the band made this track available free to download throughout the month of May. As I listen to this track it conjures up visions of Shakin’ Stevens, wearing one of Elvis Presley’s jump suits, rockin out on stage, smacked up on uppers – it really is that good!

My love affair with the latter part of this album starts to dwindle on the next track ‘Out West’ as their song topic doesn’t really inspire me but the tracks ‘Mass Vendetta’ and ’13 Days’ manage to bring me back up on a high!

‘Pretty Trick’ is another perky little number that manages to get the old foot tapping again, as does ‘Wedlock Horns’. Generally this album is a great Rock n Roll album, with some great lyrics and choice of song topics, with this track being a fine example of that. As for being punk, there’s nothing punk about this album that I can hear – these guys are as punk as the band Green Day!

All in all, this album has sparked enough of an interest for me to want to go see this band perform live – if only to see the guitarist reproduce the lushes riffs that have been masterfully created on this album. Many people that I’ve spoken to have assured me The Senton Bombs are a great live band, so I’ll be on the look out for these guys on the gig flyers I receive, to see if I can catch a glimpse of these guys for myself!

Stand out tracks for me were ‘Trailblazer’, ‘Train Wreck’ and ‘Wedlock Horns’ and as an overall score, I’ll give this album a 4 out of 5.

For more information visit sentonbombs.

Review by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Twisted Ninja Presents

 The Haygate Wellington Friday 29th April 2016.

This Bank Holiday weekend see’s The Haygate in Wellington Telford, playing host to a monumental gathering of rock and metal bands all intent on supporting the good cause of three upstanding charities all of whom make a difference to the lives of so many, on a daily basis. The charity of choice for Friday was the Compton Hospice who have been a key figure for the past thirty years in providing much cherished support to those with life limiting illnesses and also to their families, during such difficult times.

Compton Hospice.

And getting tonight’s event well underway were the up and coming Birmingham based band, Devil’s Playground. It’s only been a matter of a few weeks since this band held their debut launch at the O2 Academy in Birmingham and already they’re making a clear headway in the popularity stakes and with a great catalogue of songs already to their name, it isn’t difficult to understand why!

Leanne Nardone - Devil's Playground

Quiet The Thief are another band who have been making a great name for themselves and with tonight’s set giving us an opportunity to hear a track or two off their forthcoming album, I suspect that there will be plenty more good things to look forward to from this band. Make sure to check them out over on Facebook for all their latest news.

Gareth Harding - Quiet The Thief

The midway point of the evening was marked by a band that are definitely no strangers to the West Midlands metal scene, with that band being Our World Below? Tonight’s set from the band was blissfully intense with Dave Riley delivering a vocal performance and presence that was all consuming to witness. We also have a new EP on the horizon from Our World Below? so that will definitely be something not to miss!

Dave Riley and Neil Preece - Our World Below

With a fair size audience now in attendance our penultimate band of the evening, Eradikator, took to the stage. It’s been a pretty epic week for these guys with the launch of their new and much anticipated video for ‘Man Behind The Mask’, and I have to say this track really does harness the brutal energy and blistering guitar work that Eradikator always deliver live – so make sure to check it out folks.

Pat Cox - Eradikator

Friday’s headlining band were the mighty Martyr de Mona, and these guys are always an absolute pleasure to see live. With several years of great metal tucked firmly under their belts, tonight’s set was pure class with songs such as ’Siege Mentality’ going down a storm. And for those of us eager for a repeat live performance, get the 25th May down in your diaries as you can catch Martyr De Mona back on stage at the O2 Academy3 in Birmingham.

Josh Wooldridge - Martyr De Mona

Tonight most certainly marked a great start to this Charity Weekender and with two more days to go and a host of great bands still yet to play – it ain’t over yet folks!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.