Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

The Rescue Rooms Nottingham 25.11.15

Still knackered from HRH, I thought what better way to celebrate the weekend, than to go to another gig! Not complaining though, as this was promised to be a great show. I usually avoid the Rescue Rooms as the lighting is generally poor, but on this occasion, I made an exception and I’m glad I did as the venue have recruited a new sound and lighting engineer, Phil from the Intake in Mansfield, no less!

Supporting Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats tonight, were the Swedish band, Spiders, whom we had the pleasure of seeing perform at HRH8 last year. Thankfully, we didn’t have to conduct an interview on this occasion, as the last time we tried to have a chat, I fear there was a language barrier! Thankfully, the language of music is universal and easy to communicate and these guys and girl do it with some style!

Spiders - Band

Before Spiders took to the stage, I was stood around watching the room slowly, but surely fill up which was great to see, well done Nottingham – you didn’t let yourselves down tonight and I’m pleased to say, us Midlander’s get it! As time passed, I became ever aware of the type of music that was playing and started to feel as though I was in a bond film, which made me smile to myself, sad, but true.

At approximately 19.30, Spiders took to the stage and performed an out of their skins set! Until tonight though, I wasn’t actually aware of how multi talented the bands female vocalist, Ann-Sofie really is but she sure showed both myself and the rest of the Nottingham crowd tonight, as their set went on!

John Hoyles Ann-Sofie Hoyles and Ricard Harryson - Spiders

Not only does she have an exceptional voice (and look) she can also play the Harmonica, the guitar and the tambourine and other assorted shake-able instruments! The last two I could probably use, but I wouldn’t look half as good as she did tonight, all with a massive smile on her face!

Ann-Sofie Hoyles and Olle Griphammar - Spiders

As for the rest of the band, both the drummer and bass player looked less happy but then if I was wearing a sequinned shirt like they were, I’d feel pretty unhappy too! Generally though, both the bass player and the guitar player seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage.

Ricard Harryson - Spiders

Tonight’s set consisted of tracks from both their previous two albums, “Flash Point” and “Shake Electric” as well as a new track, off the new EP “Why Don’t You”. I thoroughly enjoyed the Spiders set tonight, as did the rest of the crowd present at the Rescue Rooms, so much so, at the end, the band left the stage to rapturous applause and they loved us too, they said so!


Our headlining band Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, are from Cambridgeshire, from a place aptly named Hell and they play Psycho music! Hypothetically speaking, if John Lennon and Geezer Butler had a lovechild, it wouldn’t be called Paranoid Pepper, oh no, Uncle Acid would be it’s name, and The Deabeats would be his mates, which is exactly what this band reminded me of – an amalgamation of both these legendary British bands! Mr. Uncle Acid also dedicated a track to John, and I assumed that he meant John Lennon, as his onstage persona also reminded me of the great man, himself – that is what I could just make out of him, through the smoke and the darkness! Black Sabbath obviously saw themselves in this band also, hence why they invited them along to support the band recently, which in my opinion, is a great honour indeed.

Yotam Rubinger - Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

Sadly, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, virtually played their entire set in darkness, which made my job of photographing them that much harder and for me, does nothing to make the actual review of the band more visually interesting.

Between tracks, someone from the crowd shouted “You Guys Rule” and we agree, they do rule, as they produce some of the best guitar music around today! We love them, we hope you do too?

Certainly check out their new album “The Night Creeper” but our personal favourite is the album “Blood Lust” which got released in 2011! These guys now head off to Australia, so good luck with that and please play some UK summer festivals next year.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats set list consisted of; 1. Waiting For Blood 2. Mind Crawler 3. Murder Nights 4. Deaths Door 5. Poison Apple 6. 13 Candles 7. Pusher Man 8. I’ll Cut You Down 9. Crystal Spiders 10. Inside 11. Vampire Circles 12. Melody Lane 13. Desert Ceremony 14. Withered Wand of Evil

Until next time music fans!

Review and Photography by Jay Hawkins (JJ Photography UK)

Evil Scarecrow

Boldly Going Anywhere Tour!

Following on from their two SOLD OUT Wednesday 13 shows at the Garage, Islington over Halloween, Evil Scarecrow are gearing up to hit the road for the second part their ‘Boldly Going Anywhere’ tour and will be taking their unique brand of metal, mayhem and madness across the UK.

Evil Scarecrow Band

2016 is going to be a very busy year for the band and without doubt it’s going to be fun and chaos in equal measures! Bring party poppers!!

Evil Scarecrow - Boldly Going Anywhere (Custom)

Boldly Going Anywhere’ 2016 Tour Dates!


2nd Yardbirds, Grimsby
28th The Underworld, London
29th Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
30th Rock City, Nottingham

Tickets available from Live Nation, Ticketmaster & all usual online vendors.

“Evil Scarecrow stunned the people of Download Festival with one of the most memorable, genius sets we’ve ever seen” – HitTheFloor

“….is probably the most fun heavy metal band to grace the Maverick Stage…” – Gigwise, best moments of Download 2015

“Evil Scarecrow…find themselves on the brink of being a genuinely significant concern on the British scene….” – Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer.

Hard Rock Hell 9

Hafan y Mor Pwllheli – Stage 2 Saturday 14.11.15.

Saturday was the day of rain, but undeterred by the weather, we set off to see the first band of the day MORE. MORE are described as “the ultimate New Wave Of British Heavy Metal tribute band formed from previous MORE members and guest guitarists”.

Mike Freeland - MORE

Another 80’s band set to carry the party on were Chariot, a four piece metal band from London and if you hadn’t woken up by now, Chariot certainly made sure you were awake now!

John Smith - Chariot

The afternoon had Trespass, Supercharger, Sky Valley Mistress, City of Thieves and Colour of Noise keeping us rockers entertained and that they certainly did. Stage 2 was a strong stage on Saturday, speaking to some of the guests they had pretty much planned to stay on stage 2 most of the day enjoying the bands.

Danny B - Trespass

The Picturebooks were one of the bands that I had been waiting all weekend for and are a duo from Germany with a very unique bluesy rock sound. Philipp, despite having an injured shoulder due to a motorcycle accident gave it his almighty all on the drums and the crowd really welcomed them and enjoyed it just as much as I did. With the unfortunate news of the Paris attacks on Friday evening, Fynn announced a minutes silence would be held, which was a very moving moment for everyone. Find out more about why they did this in my interview with the guys.

King Creature, Dendera and Lawless carried the evening on, and what an evening it was aswell!

Paul Hume - Lawless

Stage 2 was now very busy as the crowd geared up for Those Damn Crows. Those Damn Crows are a five piece rock band from South Wales who playing their album pretty much in its entirety including their new single “Fear of the Broken”.

Ian Shiner - Those Damn Crows

Chase The Ace closed Hard Rock Hell with an awesome set. You can’t really put a genre on these guys as they are a little bit of everything and appealing to a wide audience, which was very apparent as people were cramming in to watch stage 2. They all had a great stage presence, especially Roi Vito Peleg – I don’t know where he got his energy from, but it was tiring just watching him.

Roi Vito Peleg - Chase The Ace

Review by Toni Reed with photography by Neil Reed. Interview by Toni Reed and Jay Hawkins.